Province's shortcomings must be eliminated/ Improving roads, railways in different areas priority for gov't/ Border markets an opportunity that can help expand exports

The President said, "Many things have been done in South Khorasan Province thanks to the Islamic Revolution, but despite all the efforts that have been made in these 40 years, there are still deprivations that need to be removed."

Fri 10 - September 2021 - 21:21

Upon arrival in Birjand, Dr Raisi said on Friday noon, "I am honoured that I made my third provincial trip to South Khorasan province to serve the dear and hard-working people of the province, so that God willing, in this trip we will be able to pursue what we have already reviewed".
Ayatollah Raisi described roads and rail as one of the problems of the province and pointed out, "One of the priorities of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development is the issue of repairing transportation roads and railway equipment in different areas, especially in this province, which will be pursued".
The President pointed out, "Although we have a decrease in rainfall in South Khorasan province, but God Almighty has given this province reserves and mines, which should be taken to activate the idle capacity of mines".
Ayatollah Raisi also commented on the government's plans to activate border markets, saying, "The border market is an opportunity and one of the opportunities at the border is its economic aspects, and the activation of border markets can lead to the expansion and development of exports".
The President stated that the activation of border markets is a very important task and can improve the economic situation of border residents and in some way contribute to border security issues.

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