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Ayatollah Raisi speaking to representatives of classes, scholars and elites of Chabahar:

Living in shelters issue in Sistan and Baluchestan should be resolved by the end of this year/ Makran coast can be a hub of prosperity and trade and economic relations with the world

During his visit to Sistan and Baluchestan, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi had a meeting with representatives of classes, scholars and elites of Chabahar on Thursday evening, and said, "The issues raised by both the ministers and the executive vice president will be followed up with the presence of representatives from the region and will be examined in detail in the administrative council of the province."

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The President added, "We hope that everything that is discussed in the provincial trips will be followed up and the people will be informed of the results".
"One of the issues that was very upsetting to us today was the situation of the people living in shelters around the city. Action must be taken immediately and the situation resolved by the end of the year at the latest," he said.
Dr Raisi further stated that Makran coast is the gateway for Iran to many countries in the world, and clarified, "Makran coast has a very sensitive and important position. There should be an active mechanism and centre for the development of this region to take responsibility for this issue".
Ayatollah Raisi stated, "Work in this region must be completed at a certain time in order to take advantage of this God-given wealth and maritime economy, to take advantage of opportunities to create jobs and boost production in this region".
The President further referred to the issue of requesting the establishment of a university of medical sciences in the region and stated, "This issue is one of the items that will be on the agenda of the follow-up work of the visit".
Ayatollah Raisi thanked all those who worked for the security of the region, including the IRGC, Basij, police, army and border guards in the navy, land and air forces, and stated, "All the people of the region play a role in creating security in the region, for which I sincerely thank them".
"We consider Chabahar as a safe and secure area, very suitable for investment, and in the meeting of the administrative council of the province, we will discuss in detail the investment of dear Iranians inside and outside the country in this area," he said.
The President said that Makran coast is one of the best capacities for investment, noting, "One of the first steps in this field is the accurate and complete introduction of investment capacities in the Makran region. The government views Makran as a region that can play a constructive role in increasing production and employment as two very important issues of the country, and investment in Makran has a very good and bright future".

news id: 130939

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