Ayatollah Raisi pays tribute to security defender martyrs in Chabahar

The President paid his respects to the high position of the martyrs at the Tomb of the Martyrs Defending Security in Chabahar on Thursday night.

Thu 02 - September 2021 - 22:31

After paying tribute to the martyrs, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised, "Without a doubt, the role of the martyrs defending security is very important and key in creating security and peace for the region, and I tell the honourable families of these great martyrs that your children were martyred but, their martyrdom has brought about security for the region, country and system of the Islamic Republic, and their role in creating security and peace is not less than the time of their lives".

The President paid tribute to all the martyrs of the country and the families of these loved ones and said, "Defenders of security and border guards have a very high position in our system of thought and in the sayings of the great Imams and we must always pay tribute to them".

Dr Raisi added, "The message of the martyrs is always resonating in the atmosphere of Islamic Iran".

The President asked God to always make him and the people of Iran grateful to the martyrs and to grant them the success of recognising the path of the martyrs and taking a step in this direction.

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