Ayatollah Raisi visits the housing project for shelter residents of Moradabad

The President visited the deprived area of ​​Moradabad, Chabahar, on the first day of his provincial trip to Sistan and Baluchestan and visited different parts of the housing project for shelter residents of the area.

Thu 02 - September 2021 - 22:29

After visiting the 1,000-unit housing project and talking to the people at work, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi visited the Moradabad area and talked directly with the people of this deprived area and got a closer look at the problems and inadequacies.

The President emphasised on organising the housing situation of the residents of the deprived neighbourhood of Moradabad and said, "Living in shelters is by no means a desirable form of life and a favourable situation for the people, and organising the situation of this part of our fellow Iranians is very good work".

Appreciating the valuable services and actions of the Basij and IRGC in various sectors, including the construction of housing for the deprived, Dr Raisi said, "The Minister of Roads and Urban Development will cooperate with the Basij and IRGC to improve the living conditions of the deprived people of Sistan and Baluchestan, and will not spare any effort in this regard".

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