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Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with the tribal leaders of Khuzestan:

The love of the people of Khuzestan for Ahl ul-Bayt unites different tribes in the province and this alliance is the basis for the development of the province/ Water management is one of the necessities of the country

In his one-day and intensive visit to Khuzestan province on Friday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi met with the tribal leaders of Khuzestan in a cordial meeting and talked to them about various issues in the province.

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Sun 29 - August 2021 - 13:51

Speaking to the tribal leaders of the province, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The people of Khuzestan stood up to the enemy during the years of Holy Defence, and their love and affection for the Ahl ul-Bayt has united all ethnic groups".

Saying that this unity and cohesion in Khuzestan province is the basis for the development of the province, the President added, "Courage, bravery, standing against outsiders and aggressors, as well as eight years of resistance in the Holy Defence are the golden leaves of the brilliant record of Khuzestan people".

Dr Raisi referred to the issues, problems and views raised by the tribal leaders, emphasising, "We will certainly follow the issues raised with special sensitivity".

The President mentioned the important issue that Khuzestan and of course all the provinces in the country are facing today as the issue of coronavirus and added, "We should all try to eradicate this disease and God willing, the hospital capacity added to the current medical facilities of the province will provide better care for patients".

Referring to the good capacities of Khuzestan, including young and educated human resources, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Managers of the province should prioritise the use of local human resources and create jobs for young people ready to work in the province".

The President mentioned natural resources, forests and trees of the province as other assets of Khuzestan, saying, "The preservation of these forests, which are the reserves of the people of the region, should be followed seriously".

Regarding the issue of border markets and border exchanges, Dr Raisi said, "I consider border exchanges to be very useful in the form of a fully regulated and organised market".

The President mentioned market stability as one of the important goals pursued by the government and said, "We believe that market stability makes economic and productive activities predictable for people and entrepreneurs and can help the country's production boom".

"Activating the stalled production capacities is much cheaper and faster than setting up new economic units, and my emphasis on the provincial officials is to make this a priority," he said.

Dr Raisi said, "Water management is one of the necessities of the country not only in Khuzestan province but also in other parts of the country".

Referring to issues such as the "Haft Tappeh" complex, he said, "Mr Governor-General and also the Ministries of Economy, Industry and Agriculture Jihad are following the issue to achieve a result, which will boost production".

news id: 130848

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