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President at the cabinet meeting:

Fighting rent-seeking, corruption brings us closer to justice / Today is the best time for using young generation in gov't

Speaking on Sunday at the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the statements and instructions of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in drawing strategic points for the 13th government, and said, "The Supreme Leader's instructions for the new government are a lighthouse and the instructions and solutions provided will be considered by all government officials to be implemented in practice".

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Sun 29 - August 2021 - 20:48

Referring to the importance of paying attention to justice and seeking justice and the emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in this regard, the President said, "Every bill and directive in the government should have an appendix of justice and this issue should be seriously considered in all parts of the government".

Stating that the complement to the implementation of justice is the fight against corruption, he noted, "In order for the corrupt structures to be eliminated, the members of the government must review their system and reform the corrupt structures and cut off the hidden hands of rent-seeking".

"Undoubtedly, dealing with rent-seeking will bring us closer to justice," he said.

Dr Raisi emphasised the importance of conflict of interest and said, "The fact that some decisions in organs are not taken in time or are not implemented at the right time, is partly due to the existence of conflict of interest, so we must be sensitive to this issue".

Referring to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution's emphasis on the activation of electronic systems and its impact on the fight against corruption, the President said, "If smart government is created, corruption is eliminated by creating transparency. Connecting systems is very important and should be done faster".

Dr Raisi emphasised, "The missing link in the implementation of good decisions and opinions is follow-up, which was also emphasised by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution".

Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis on using the capacity of the young generation in the government, the President said, "Today is the best time to pay attention to the young in the management positions in the government and good and appropriate measures can be taken in this regard".

Referring to the country's economic problems, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The government's economic team should formulate appropriate solutions to overcome the current unfavourable economic conditions in order to take steps to solve the problems" .

The President said, "The sale of oil as one of the main axes and the issue of returning money that has been unjustly blocked in other countries should be immediately put on the agenda of the relevant organs and followed seriously".

He said, "The basic and fundamental work of the country should be seriously considered by all government agencies".

Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "The serious strategy of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, which is regarding the fact that economic problems should not be postponed to the lifting of sanctions, the government will strongly pursue lifting sanctions, but we will not attach efforts to solve the country's problems to sanctions".

news id: 130846

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