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President in a meeting with Pakistani FM:

Tehran-Islamabad ties long-standing, people-cantered, based on common beliefs/ Economic, trade ties unsatisfactory; Iran ready to boost ties/ US withdrawal from Afghanistan, a turning point in the interaction of all Afghan groups for peace, security, stability

Speaking in a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi called the relations between Tehran and Islamabad long-standing, based on common beliefs and people-cantered, saying, "Economic and trade relations between the two countries are not satisfactory and we must increase the level of such relations in the interests of our nations with proper planning".

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Thu 26 - August 2021 - 21:52

Dr Raisi pointed out, "Strengthening bilateral relations can pave the way for the development and strengthening of regional and international cooperation between Iran and Pakistan".

The President called the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a turning point for the interaction of all Afghan groups for peace, security and stability in Afghanistan and said, "Certainly, the US presence in Afghanistan and the region does not provide security, and countries should help different groups in Afghanistan to form an inclusive and participatory government".

Rejecting any approach based on guardianship of Afghanistan, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Guardianship of Afghanistan is a failed model for the United States and does not have the capacity to create lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan".

He stressed, "The role of other countries, including neighbours, should only be a facilitator to the establishment of an inclusive and participatory government with the presence of all Afghan groups".

Emphasising that the Islamic Republic of Iran wants regional cooperation without foreign interference, Dr Raisi said, "The presence of the United States and foreigners in the region does not contribute to security, but it is also makes problems, and countries in the region, especially Iran and Pakistan, can work together to provide the ground for ethnic and active groups in Afghanistan to create security and peace in the country so that they can decide for their own destiny".

Pointing out that the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been to support the people of Afghanistan for the past four decades, the President said, "Iran hosts about 4 million people of Afghanistan and has always been, and will continue to support the Afghan people".

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also described the Iran-Pakistan relations as historic and deep, and referred to the common positions of the two countries on many regional and international issues, saying, "Pakistan seeks to deepen and strengthen relations between the two countries in various economic, political and regional fields, and we are determined to further improve the level of our relations".

The Pakistani Foreign Minister further stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between Tehran and Islamabad for the establishment of lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is a major player in regional developments, so we believe that by working together we can establish and strengthen peace and stability in the region, especially in Afghanistan, and have positive and beneficial cooperation".

The Iranian people have maintained their dignity in the face of sanctions, he said, adding, "The relations between the people of Pakistan and Iran are not stereotyped and official, but heartfelt, and we look forward to warm welcoming the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan".

news id: 130770

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