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The President at the cabinet meeting:

Thanking former gov't ministers/ Managers' experiences can be useful, effective in advancing affairs/ Cohesion and empathy among officials is a requirement for progress in the country

Speaking in the cabinet meeting this Sunday evening, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stated that the next cabinet meeting will be held with the presence of new ministers, while appreciating all the efforts and services of the ministers, especially in the last two weeks and in cooperation with the new government.

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Sun 22 - August 2021 - 22:05

He said, "I believe that the experiences of officials at the highest levels of the country are like lighthouse and guides, and can be useful and effective in advancing affairs, and these experiences should be used".

Ayatollah Raisi described cohesion, unity and trust as a great and valuable asset for the system and said, "People's trust in officials and the trust of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in each and every  manager is a very valuable asset that we must work to promote and strengthen as much as possible".

Emphasising that the cooperation and cohesion of the officials is one of the requirements for the country's progress, Dr Raisi said, "As suspicion and pessimism is the worst plague that if created between officials causes things to slow down and causes problems in people's lives, on the contrary, people's trust in officials can speed things up".

The President stressed the importance of people's trust on the authorities and said, "Unlike authoritarian and monarchical systems, the people's continued trust is the most important issue in a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran where the government is based on the will of the people".

Dr Raisi pointed out, "Continuation and strengthening of people's trust will strengthen social capital and increase participation and social vitality".

In another part of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi referred to the need to avoid making momentary decisions, especially in the economic field, and stated, "Our decisions must be sound and trustworthy, and the result must be stability in people's lives".

Dr Raisi described instability and unpredictability of economic conditions as the worst plague for the society and said, "The set of measures should be such that the future is predictable for the general public and all productive and economic sectors".

news id: 130710

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