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Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with the Iraqi Foreign Minister:

Interaction, cooperation among regional states, without interference of outsiders, a necessary condition for lasting security/ Iran has always been concerned about resolving issues in Iraq

Speaking in a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on Tuesday afternoon, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi thanked the Iraqi Prime Minister for inviting him to attend the summit of Iraq's neighbours, and said, "Iraq's move to hold this summit is a very good one".

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Tue 10 - August 2021 - 21:18

Pointing out that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the interference of foreigners in the affairs of the region as tension-rising and threatening, just as it considers the dialogue between the countries of the region to resolve issues as security-building and stabilising, he added, "Cooperation and synergy among the countries of the region, without the intervention of foreigners, are a necessary condition for the stability of regional security, as well as the establishment of peace in the countries of the region and the provision of welfare for the nations of the region".

Dr Raisi stated that Iran has always been sensitive and concerned about solving the problems of Iraq, adding, "Iran considers the growth and development of Iraq as its own growth and development".

During the meeting, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein handed over the invitation of his country's Prime Minister to Ayatollah Raisi and called the holding of the summit of Iraq's neighbouring countries a step in support of the political process and economic development of the country, adding, "This summit is a step towards laying the cornerstone of a collective action of the countries of the region to create lasting security in the region".

Noting that lasting security in the region would not be possible without the presence of Iran and Iraq, the Iraqi Foreign Minister said, "Holding this meeting will create a basis for dialogue between the countries of the region in order to reach a collective understanding in the region".

news id: 130533

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