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Stressed in the meeting of Presidents of Iran and Iraq:

Ayatollah Raisi: Iran wants a strong, powerful Iraq/ Barham Salih: Iran has always been a friend of Iraq in difficult times

In a meeting with the Iraqi President Barham Salih on Thursday morning, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed that our goal is to raise the level of relations between the two countries day by day in the coming term, adding, "As stated by the Supreme Leader, the Islamic Republic of Iran wants a strong and powerful Iraq. We hope that the upcoming elections serves as a groundwork for fulfilling the will of the people for the dignity and authority of the dear Iraqi people”.

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Dr Raisi described every step in the direction of improving Iraq's authority and cutting off the hands of foreigners from the country as contributing to Iraq's progress, and added, "Iran has not hesitated to sacrifice its dearest children such as Martyr Qasem Soleimani in order to maintain Iraq's territorial integrity, security and stability".

Stating that there is no other region on ​​the earth that is like the paths leading to Karbala in the Arba’een procession, the President stressed the need to facilitate the pilgrims' travel to the holy shrines and the Arba’een procession, including accelerating the launching of the Khorramshahr-Basra railway.

In this meeting, the Iraqi President Barham Salih also stated that even the start of a long war by the dictator Saddam could not disrupt the deep and close relations between the two nations of Iran and Iraq, adding, "Despite significant progress in relations between the two countries after the fall of Saddam's dictatorship, there are still countless potentials to develop relations between the two countries”.

Emphasising the need to redefine the security arrangements in the region, the Iraqi President stated, "It is not possible to lead the developments in the region towards the establishment of stability and comprehensive security without the presence of an independent and powerful Iran and Iraq".

“A powerful sovereign Iraq can also play a very constructive role in the security arrangements of the region,” he said.

Barham Salih praised the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in preserving the territorial integrity of Iraq and the fight against terrorism, adding, "It is recorded in history that Iran is a friend of Iraq in difficult times and this will always lead the future of relations between the two countries".


news id: 130267

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