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Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with the Speaker of the Senate of Pakistan:

Iran, Pakistan inextricably linked/ Afghanistan's fate must be decided peacefully by Afghans themselves through dialogue/ US presence anywhere in the world problematic

Speaking in a meeting with the Speaker of the Senate of Pakistan Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Wednesday evening, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said that the relations between Tehran and Islamabad are beyond the neighbourly relationship, adding, "The relations between the two nations is based on religious and cultural beliefs, and it is inextricable".

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Wed 04 - August 2021 - 23:50

Dr Raisi said that the level of Iran-Pakistan relations should be much higher than the current level and pointed out that new ways can be created to deepen relations between the two countries, saying, "We need to activate the potentials to serve the interests of the two countries and the region".
Referring to the importance of developing Iran-Pakistan parliamentary relations and cooperation, the President said, "The parliaments of the two countries can play a constructive and useful role in the development of relations between the two countries".
Expressing concern over tensions and insecurity in Afghanistan, Ayatollah Raisi stressed the cooperation between Iran and Pakistan to establish lasting peace and security in the country and said, "The situation of the Afghan people is worrying and we should not let these Muslim people face more problems through developing our cooperation".
Emphasising that the US presence anywhere in the world not only does not resolve problems, but also it is problematic, the President said, "The fate of Afghanistan must be determined peacefully without the interference of outsiders and by the Afghans themselves and through dialogue".
The Speaker of the Senate of Pakistan Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani also conveyed the congratulatory message of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, stating that Iran and Pakistan are two souls in one body and have brotherly relations, saying, "We are sure that with the positive view that you have of the process of developing relations with Pakistan, the level of cooperation between the two countries in all areas will develop significantly".
Referring to the US inability to provide security in Afghanistan, he said, "The US is a major cause of insecurity in various regions, and given the current situation in the region, we ask you to coordinate between Islamic countries to establish peace and security in the region".

news id: 130248

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