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Dr Raisi in his endorsement ceremony as the President:

June 18 elections manifestation of religious democracy/ People want new gov’t change, which is inevitable/ We will try to lift sanctions but won’t tie people’s livelihood to outsiders

The President called the June 18 elections a manifestation of religious democracy and said, "All people were involved in the June 18 elections and asked the new government for a change by their election and vote, which is inevitable”.

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Tue 03 - August 2021 - 11:43

Speaking on Tuesday at the endorsement ceremony, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The message of the people in the June 18 elections was the message of change, justice, fight against corruption, discrimination and injustice and the message of the need to solve economic, social and cultural problems of the society”.

Ayatollah Raisi added, "The message of the people was the message of changing the status quo, and the dear people, with their vote, called on the government to achieve justice and the fight against corruption".

At the beginning of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi stated that out of courtesy and respect, I should have kissed the Supreme Leader’s hand, but I was deprived of this success due to the current situation, adding, "For more than 40 years in this land, with the guidance of our great Imam [Khomeini] and the efforts of great people of Iran, a new model of governance was presented to the world”.

The President pointed out, "In this model of new governance, religion is next to the material world, science is next to morality, justice is next to progress, and dignity is next to welfare”.

Stating that the government, officials and dear people have worked hard in these 40 years to achieve religious democracy, Ayatollah Raisi said, "I am sincerely grateful for all the services that have been provided in these 40 years and all those who have played a role in the development of this country”.

Dr Raisi also said that the June 18 elections was a manifestation of religious democracy, adding, "In this election, despite all the hostilities of the enemies and all the health conditions, COVID-19 and the problems that existed, people had a glorious presence and created a point in history".

The President said, "The message of the people was change, justice, fight against corruption, fight against poverty and fight against discrimination”.

Emphasising that the message of the people was the message of change of the current situation, the President stated, "They announced with their vote that they want a government to realise justice and fight corruption, put an end to rent-seeking and any kind of anti-value that has nothing to do with the basis of the revolution, the system and the values ​​in this country”.

Emphasising the need to change the current situation, Dr Raisi said, "Today we are facing inflation of more than 44%, growth of liquidity of 680%, tripling of government debt since 2015 and a budget deficit of 450 trillion tomans, and the people’s economic situation is not desirable”.

Dr Raisi pointed out that what has caused the most problems, in addition to damaging people's livelihood and business, is the damage to the people's trust, adding, "People wanted a government to compensate this damage and restore trust to the people, and bridge the gap between the nation and the government. The relationship between the nation and the government can always solve many problems”.

The President said, "What the people wanted from the new government was a change. This change is inevitable for the country. This change must take place. The government’s programme is change. This change is based on the very valuable and lasting document of the Declaration of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution, which will direct the work of the government”.

Pointing out that the wise Leader of the Islamic Revolution has drafted this document very wisely, the President said, "In this document, the current situation and the desired situation are well depicted. We must reach a situation that people expect, and this will require the realisation of the lofty goals of the Second Step Declaration”.

The President emphasised, "We will definitely seek to lift the oppressive sanctions, but we will not condition people's livelihood and the economy and we will not tie it to the will of outsiders".

Ayatollah Raisi mentioned the budget deficit, capital and stock market stability, harnessing inflation, water, electricity and coronavirus issues as among the urgent issues that the government is facing and should be pursued from today, and said, "I thank all the 12th government officials, but there are many things that the government has to do from today”.

The President continued, "We have prepared an immediate, short-term transformation plan, in which there are about 10 central issues that the government is facing from today. Issues have been identified and I assure people that both the issues and the solutions are identified by experts. God willing, this will be pursued strongly, and the issues will be addressed immediately”.

Dr Raisi stated, "The 4-year transformation plan of the 13th government will soon be available to elites, thinkers and experts, and we will benefit from everyone's opinion. This plan will be the basis for the implementation of the seventh development plan of the country. We hope that in this transformation plan, all those who are concerned about the country, regardless of their factional or political, ethnic and tribal inclinations, from both university and seminary, will have a role”.

We are in the camp of 'WE CAN,' the president said, adding, "We are sure that with all the obstacles and problems ahead, there is a way out of these problems and there is a serious will to solve the problems”.

Ayatollah Raisi expressed hope that with the view of all experts and intellectuals, the situation will change in favour of the people and in the interests of the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution and what is expected by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, dear people, the honourable family of martyrs and veterans and intellectuals.

Dr Raisi also stated that he is proud to be a servant for the dear people.

news id: 122470

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