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President in a meeting with senior gov’t officials:

I still believe that moderation, constructive interaction the way to save the country/ We must come to believe that the era of extremism over/ Billions of dollars of capital entered the country after JCPOA/ UN Resolution 2231 nullified 7 UNSC Chapter-VII resolutions against Iran

Saying that I still believe in what thought in 2013 about saving Iran after 8 years of experience, the President emphasised, "I repeat that the way to save the country is moderation at home and abroad and constructive interaction at home and abroad”.

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Mon 02 - August 2021 - 12:38

Speaking on Monday in a meeting with senior officials of the Government of Prudence and Hope on the last day of the 12th Government, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated, "We will not get anywhere with extremism, by defaming each other and insulting each other we are not getting anywhere and we cannot make the country progress”.

Dr Rouhani added, "We must come to the conclusion that the era of extremism is over, although some people think it has just begun and they are wrong".

"In my first appearance at the UN General Assembly, I declared that our region is facing a great catastrophe, a great violence and terrorism, and I proposed a resolution of a World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE), which was passed unanimously with the opposition of a few countries remaining ineffective," he said.

The President stated, "The first resolution of the 11th government was the restoration of Lake Urmia, for which a total of 19 decisions were made, and immediately after that, we sent the first government bill to the Islamic Consultative Assembly to remove the barriers to production”.

“In the first 100 days and even before the end of 100 days, we saw the first result of constructive interaction with the world in an agreement reached with the great powers,” he said.

Stating that today, as in 2013, I consider moderation and constructive interaction at home and abroad as the solution to solve Iran's problems and salvation, he added, "We cannot make progress by extremism and defaming and insulting each other. The era of extremism is over and this is the path of moderation that will never end”.

"We have had differences of opinion over the past eight years, but both factions were optimistic about the future, and despite many ups and downs, everyone agreed that the country should develop and become a model for the region and the world, and the main way to achieve this goal is constructive interaction with the world, the region and our friends,” said Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani stated that cancelling seven dangerous resolutions against the Iranian nation in the UN Security Council was not an easy task, adding, "Everyone who was involved in the nuclear negotiations knew from the beginning that this was not an easy task and it was the days when all our friends were tired and disappointed to continue the path, but I was always confident in the success of the path of constructive interaction and negotiation, and finally this path came to fruition and Resolution 2231 invalidated seven dangerous resolutions against the Iranian nation”.

The President added, "Few people believed that it was possible to remove these resolutions, but the will of the Iranian people and efforts and prudence with hope came to fruition and the negotiations under the leadership of the Supreme Leader and with the support of the people were successful".

“At the same time, the US Secretary of State had said in the middle of the talks that we saw the people of Isfahan welcoming the Iranian government and president, and this is a sign of the power of this government and people, and that historic welcome shocked the world, and of course it was the support of all Iranians that gave the government strength in the field of negotiation”.

Referring to the fact that some may say that the government has not achieved 100% success in the path of constructive interaction, Dr Rouhani said, "In negotiations and interaction, both sides seek to achieve 100% success, but it is natural that neither will achieve this goal".

Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis at the beginning of the Twelfth Government on "extensive and constructive interaction with the world," the President said, "It is true that negotiation is difficult and it is easy not to negotiate and stand outside, but we have no choice but to negotiate and interact”.

He said, "Billions of dollars of capital entered the country after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and formed a huge transformation that resulted in the completion of the South Pars phases, the expansion of mines, the construction of railways and highways across the country, the prosperity of ports, the construction of dams and the construction and development of power plants and thousands of other steps was in the direction of Iran's development”.

The President added that the development of bandwidth across the country was one of the achievements of the JCPOA, adding, "If we remained in the conditions of sanctions and economic war, these achievements would be much more difficult”.

Pointing out that it is natural that understanding and agreement with any country, whether friend or enemy, cannot be permanent, the President said, "God says to His Prophet that the infidels violated every covenant that you made with them, but the important thing is to see what was the best thing we could have done when we made a pact; of course, it is a clear issue and we could not do anything else at that time”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "As the Supreme Leader emphasised, we cannot and should not rely on trust in negotiations, but we must negotiate to reach an understanding and agreement".

The President said, "When the reactionaries in the region, the Zionists and the American extremists saw that Iran was progressing and succeeding on the basis of negotiations, they started their obstructions in the region in the first step. As we saw, Mosul fell in 2014 and the things happened to Iran's neighbours like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, and we commemorate Martyr General Soleimani, who did great things in those days”.

Dr Rouhani added, "The ill-wishers of the Islamic Republic did not think that Iran could even negotiate in those circumstances and in the midst of crises, let alone succeed, but when they saw that the negotiations were bearing fruit, they intensified their efforts by reducing the price of oil to put us under pressure”.

The President said that the Government of Prudence and Hope did not allow the impulses caused by these crises to defeat the country, saying, "We reached an agreement under these pressures and hardships, but the enemies and ill-wishers did not sit relaxed after the agreement and started a new round of efforts to break the agreement”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "I have things to say about attempts to fail the JCPOA that may be left unspoken for years”.

He pointed out, "Perhaps any other government would bow to these pressures, but the government of prudence and hope continued its activities under full-scale economic war”.

"Everyone knows that the conditions of war and peace are not the same, and working in conditions of war is very difficult. In the last two years, we have sold oil at least $116 billion less than we should have, and it is natural that when prices are low in terms of foreign currency earnings, this will affect prices,” he said.

The president said: "It was expected that during the war, even the opponents of the government would announce that in order to overcome this situation, we will join hands with you, or at least we will not destroy the government, or in the end we will stop the great destructions." The Supreme Leader told me that you are the commander of the economic war, but I was a commander without soldiers and equipment! I had the experience of commanding in war and I knew what commanding in war means, the minimum condition for managing war is that we all join hands.

Despite all the ups and downs, something was an unexpected thing for me, he said, adding, "We could not predict the huge earthquake in Kermanshah. The outbreak of coronavirus was also an unexpected event for us and the world, and we did not expect the Americans to withdraw from the JCPOA so easily”.


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