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President in the last inauguration ceremony in 12th gov’t:

Unprecedented work done in oil, gas. petrochemicals in the history of Iran/ We have a strong feelings about nuclear energy because the main excuse for the enemies' pressure on the Iranian nation was nuclear energy/ One of JCPOA achievements was entry of yellowcake to Iran

Stating that the country is always developing, the President said, "During the time when we were facing the economic war and coronavirus at the same time, it was very important to respond to the world, and inaugurations on Thursdays were a thorn in the side of those who plotted against Iran”.

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Sun 01 - August 2021 - 19:00

Speaking on Sunday afternoon at the inauguration ceremony of national projects of the Ministries of Oil and Interior, and the Atomic Energy Organisation and the Social Security Organisation across the country, President Hassan Rouhani said, "In the last 8 years, many measures have been taken in the country and large projects have been inaugurated, and when we talk about these achievements, it is not just about the government, but about the great Iranian nation”.

Dr Rouhani also stated that unique works have been done in the history of Iran in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals in this government, saying, "The development of South Pars and Assaluyeh is very evident today and we should know that it was not money that made Assaluyeh but love for the prosperity of Iran and the faith of our great people”.

The President called the projects inaugurated in Assaluyeh region the largest economic project in the history of Iran and said, "During the last 8 years, except during the outbreak of coronavirus, which prevented travelling, I visited Assaluyeh 6 times and each time inaugurated important phases in this region”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "During the term of office of the Government of Prudence and Hope, 10 active phases in South Pars have increased to 27 phases and 17 phases were opened during the last 8 years, and today we can say that the phases of South Pars are almost completed and only one phase remains due to the conditions of sanctions and economic war”.

The President said, "In the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals, unprecedented measures have been taken during the last 8 years, which is unprecedented in the history of Iran, and the work done in 8 years can be compared with decades ago, and of course, the main work in this field was performed by the Iranian nation, engineers and young people”.

Dr Rouhani said, "We are proud of the great and proud nation of Iran and of our country, Islam and revolution".

“We have a strong feelings about nuclear energy because the main excuse for the enemies' pressure on the Iranian nation was nuclear energy,” he said.

The President continued, "Many pressures have been on the Iranian nation since 2001 under the pretext of the nuclear issue. This is why this issue is very important for us”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "After the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), there was propaganda that the Iranian government had traded nuclear technology for dollars and money, while it was incorrect and inaccurate, and with the inaugurations that were being made in the field of nuclear energy, the work done in this field became clear”.

“In recent months, when the Atomic Energy Organisation was required to increase enrichment to 20% and 60% and also rise the amount of enrichment and activate new machines and equipment, great measures that were carried out in this field became clearer,” he said.

The President added, "We had good progress in nuclear technology, but we lacked in its raw material and yellowcake, and one of the achievements of the JCPOA was the arrival of yellowcake in Iran, and tens of tonnes entered Iran each time, which enriched our resources".

Dr Rouhani added, "Today, in terms of technology in making casks and activating our resources and mines, good measures have been taken and the cost of producing yellowcake has been reduced from 1,000 dollars per kilogram to 80 dollars".

"Of course, we have to remove the sanctions knot, and good measures have been taken in this regard, and we hope that this process will continue to bear fruit in the next government," he said.

Referring to the projects inaugurated in the social security sector, Dr Rouhani said, "The measures taken for the free use of government hospitals by workers and retirees are very valuable".

The President pointed out, "In less than 2 years, the government paid 140 trillion Tomans of its debts to the Social Security Organisation despite all the problems, and we hope that all the workers and the people of Iran will benefit from its fruits”.

news id: 122421

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