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President at the inauguration ceremony of projects of Roads and Urban Development Ministry:

Railway the best way of passenger, cargo transit/ In the field of rail, roads, motorways, ports, airports great measures done in this gov't/ If JCPOA continued, 200 new airplanes would enter country by today

The President described inauguration of hundreds of kilometres of railway projects in one day an honour and said, "Railway is the best way of passenger and cargo transit, and in this government, great measures have been carried out in the field of rail, roads, motorways, ports, and airports".

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Thu 29 - July 2021 - 16:56

Speaking on Thursday in the 86th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign, inaugurating railway projects and one freeway project of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in Yazd, Fars, Zanjan, Qazvin, Isfahan, Alborz and Mazandaran provinces, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Today, despite the tough conditions caused by the economic war and coronavirus, we saw the inauguration of very important projects in the field of railways and freeways in different provinces of the country, which is an honour".

Dr Rouhani described railways as one of the most important issues that he has always been emphasised by the government, and added, "The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the eleventh and twelfth governments has made many efforts and measures in the field of railway development, as well as highways and roads".

I know that over the past three and a half years, people have gone through difficult times due to the problems caused by the economic war, coronavirus and natural disasters, he said, adding, "All the efforts of this government from the first day to the last day have been for the people to have fewer problems in life".

Dr Rouhani stated that there is a list of work that we would have liked to have been done in this government but were not done, adding, "One of the things we wanted and did not do was the arrival of a high-speed train into the country".

The President pointed out, "If it were not for the sanctions, the Tehran-Isfahan high-speed railway and even Tehran-Mashhad would have been inaugurated today, but at the same time, great measures were taken in this area and we became self-sufficient on rail".

Referring to the inauguration of major projects in the field of national railways, Dr Rouhani said, "Completion of the final part of a number of projects remains, which will be inaugurated soon and we hope to see the inauguration of various projects in various fields, especially rail, every day".

The President further appreciated the work of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and said, "Great measures have been taken in the field of highways, railways, ports and airports and the capacity of the country's ports and airports has increased significantly".

Dr Rouhani also congratulated Eid al-Ghadir, saying, "Today we are proud that the Islamic system in our country is on the path of Imam Ali (AS). Of course, we know that we are far from reaching the full conditions of Imam Ali's government, but our effort is to follow the same path to reach the desired point".


news id: 122369

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