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President in the last meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board played the role of war headquarters in difficult conditions of sanctions, economic war/ Thanking regular, motivated presence of members in sessions

The 243rd meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, which is the last meeting in the Twelfth Government, was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the President.

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Tue 27 - July 2021 - 13:38

During the meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani called the management of the country's economy in the special conditions of sanctions and economic war very complicated and difficult, and said, "The main goal of the enemies by imposing sanctions and economic war was the collapse of the society and implying that the system is inefficient in managing the problems, and in my opinion, the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board has played the role of the war headquarters".

The President mentioned providing people's livelihood and the prevention of damage to the foundation of people's lives as the main axes that were considered in the decisions of the economic board and added, "Food security and economic stability have an important role in creating social and psychological security of society".

Dr Rouhani added, "People always want psychological, social and cultural security and welfare and comfort in economic fields, and this important issue has always been considered by the Government of Prudence and Hope, and until the time the economic war was not imposed on the country, this government was able to reduce inflation significantly in 4 consecutive years, create stability and economic growth, and promote psychological and social security".

The President stated, "After the economic war was imposed on Iran, the effective and large decisions of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board neutralised the enemy's goals of collapsing the society".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Although the causes of the economic war were political and were in the field of foreign relations and diplomacy, the Economic Coordination Board tried to reduce the economic effects of these political attacks with timely and appropriate decisions".

The President referred to taking advantage of the collective opinions of economists and economic experts with different views in the macro-decisions of the Economic Board and said, "The regular meetings of this board proved that the government will fulfil its commitment to make decisions based on collective wisdom and avoid subjective decisions".

"The presence of senior economic officials in meetings of the Economic Coordination Board twice a week has shown the government's serious concern in resolving economic issues and structural efforts to coordinate the government's economic activities," he said.

Appreciating the regular presence, motivation and perseverance of all members of the Economic Coordination Board, especially First Vice President Dr Jahangiri, Dr Rouhani thanked him for his important role in coordinating the implementation of the board's decisions.


news id: 122337

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