Development of information technology has led to transparency, social justice/ In today's world, cyberspace, digital economy a reality that cannot be avoided/ Transparency, fight against corruption almost impossible without access to information technology

The President stated that valuable measures have been taken in the field of information technology and cyberspace development in the government of Prudence and Hope, saying, "With the development of information technology, the speed of service delivery has increased, transparency and social justice have been strengthened and data are more secure".

Sun 25 - July 2021 - 00:13

Speaking on Saturday evening in the last meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology in the 12th government, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the holding of twenty-two sessions of this council, saying, "With the decisions made in these sessions, the bases for the development of information technology has been created".

The President pointed out, "If we consider the main foundations of cyberspace as infrastructure, network and people's familiarity and cooperation, the fourth pillar is definitely the rules and regulations that put the information technology in the right direction".

Dr Rouhani added, "During this period, in the meetings of the Executive Council of Information Technology with the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, as well as meetings of the government and parliament and other related meetings, efforts were made to pave the way for the people".

The President said that in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments, more continuous measures have been taken than in the previous administrations in the field of information technology, saying, "Although there was no complete consensus in these fields, we have started a great movement together, and this is the path that all countries and nations have to take".

Stating that cyberspace, digital economy and information revolution in today's world is a reality and we cannot avoid it, he clarified, "If we want to move in this direction quickly, it is impossible without the use of information technology, and if this technology is left out, it will not be possible to receive and provide services from the government quickly".

The President noted, "During the pandemic, millions of services were provided to the people through cyberspace in the shortest possible time, and this required the provision of the necessary infrastructure and facilities, which was seriously considered in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments".

"If we want to fight corruption and rent-seeking, the way is still to use information technology and cyberspace," he said, adding, "By creating transparency, we can take steps to fight corruption, and transparency is almost impossible without access to information technology".

He also went on to state that e-health was one of the important parts that was created in the context of information technology, saying, "Today, people's health is somehow done in the framework of cyberspace".

The president added, "Using information technology, raw materials, medicine, equipment and even hospital beds, as well as the required specialised manpower can be provided in a timely manner".

The President said, "Today, the provision of virtual services through government agencies has reached more than 70% and the speed of these services can be increased".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Undoubtedly, in the future all important services, from taxes to tolls and receiving various licenses from different agencies can be done through cyberspace with the least time and the lowest price".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The ministers of Communications in the 11th and 12th governments did their best to provide the infrastructure and the national information network and to create security for the data in the country with the measures taken".

Appreciating the efforts and services of the private and public sectors in the development of cyberspace, he said, "With the efforts of experts and specialists in the private sector, valuable systems were created in various fields in the country".


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