Wed Oct 27, 2021 15:35:13
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President in a phone call with the Governor-General of Khuzestan:

All potentials should be used to solve water problem quickly/ We must respect protestors' rights/ We must not allow illegal behaviour of a few to cause the rightful protest of the people of Khuzestan not to be heard

The President described people's protest in the difficult and unbearable conditions caused by the drought and extreme heat in Khuzestan the right of the people of the important province, and emphasised, "We must respect the rights of the protesters and listen to their words".

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Thu 22 - July 2021 - 22:15

Speaking in a phone call with Governor-General of Khuzestan Province Qasem Soleimani Dashtaki on Thursday afternoon, Dr Hassan Rouhani received his report on the situation in the province and the measures taken to solve the recent problems, and emphasised, "Tolerating water shortage and heat above 50 degrees is very hard and exhausting and people have the right to protest the current situation".

The President said that the situation in the province was completely unintended for various reasons, saying, "The good, patient and resilient people of the province should not doubt that the government is listening to their legitimate protests and is making every effort to solve the problem of water shortage quickly, which is due to the unprecedented drought in the country and the accumulation of remaining problems from previous years".

Emphasising the need for the provincial authorities to be accountable towards the people and explain the reasons for the situation to the people in a completely transparent and accurate manner, the President instructed the governor-general of Khuzestan to use all necessary potentials in the province as well as neighbouring provinces and solve the problems quickly with the coordination and cooperation of all authorities".

The President also referred to the visit of the First-Vice President to the province tomorrow to investigate and look into the problems closely on behalf of the President and the government, and stressed the necessary coordination to maximise the capacity of his presence to solve problems quickly.

news id: 122280

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