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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of agricultural projects:

Gov't made good efforts in agriculture/ Water, soil very important/ Gov't has responsibility towards people until last hour, will serve people with all its might

The President described water and soil as two important factors for the country, saying, "Water is the source of life for all creatures, but in agriculture, soil has also an important position and is a great asset for preserving which we need to do whatever we can".

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Mon 19 - July 2021 - 21:36

Speaking on Monday in the inauguration ceremony of the projects of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad throughout the country and 82nd move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Managers in the field of agriculture have done great work in these eight years".

 Referring to self-sufficiency in production of some agricultural products like wheat, rice, oil and sugar, saying, "If weather is OK and we do not face drought, we are self-sufficient in food and agricultural projects with the infrastructural work done in this government".

He went on to mention the 52-percent decrease in rainfalls in the current year, adding, "Unfortunately, with the drought and decreased rainfall, the dear people of Khuzestan and other provinces are facing water problems and they are right to be unhappy about it".

The government does not stop thinking about people and resolving their problems, said Dr Rouhani, adding, "The government has responsibility towards people until the last hour of its service and will serve them with all its might".

"What is happening today in Khuzestan province is not merely financial loss, but it has also put people on psychological pressure," he said.

The President also said, "In aquaculture, great work has been done in this government and basically, fish farming in the sea was promoted in the 11th and 12th governments and people were encouraged to do it".

"Modern irrigation and trenching and similar projects were 400 thousand hectares before this government and only in this government, 617 thousand hectares have been added to this amount," he said.

news id: 122224

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