Staying away from the virus the best way to control COVID/ Gov’t to fulfil its promise of vaccination until its end of term/ Vaccination must not cause people to abandon health protocols

"Unfortunately, the reports indicate an increase in the number of patients infected with the Indian mutated virus in some provinces in the country," President said, adding, "The main solution and the best way to protect the country and the people against this disease is to stay away from the virus".

Sat 17 - July 2021 - 13:02

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the passage of 17 months since coronavirus entered the country, saying, "This dangerous virus has mutated several times and has created many problems in various economic, social, cultural and educational fields”.

All efforts have been made to prevent the spread and transmission of the virus in the country, he said, adding, "These efforts delayed the transmission and spread of the virus, but unfortunately we still see the transmission and mutation of the virus in the country”.

Expressing concern over the lack of observance of health protocols, which according to reports has been reduced to a total of 48% in the society, the President said, "All of us should try to not underestimate this dangerous virus and fully observe the guidelines”.

Dr Rouhani further pointed out the importance of vaccine injection in controlling the disease and reducing the number of deaths, and said, "To date, more than 7 million doses of vaccine have been injected and 2 million doses have been distributed, and we will live up to our promise of vaccination by the end of this government’s term of office”.

The President said, "If we want to distance ourselves from this virus in general, we must protect ourselves against the virus both inside the country and in different provinces and in other countries of the world”.

Dr Rouhani said that the safest way to stay safe from coronavirus is to fully follow the health protocols, even after vaccination, and added, "Today, it was announced that on average, 48% of the protocols are followed in the country, which is very low”.

The president went on to say that vaccination is another effective way to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19.

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that domestic vaccines would also be used in the coming months, adding, "People should know that vaccination must not cause them to ignore health protocols”.

The president stressed that until vaccination is effective and acceptable around the world, we should try to stop underestimating the outbreak of the virus, because vaccination at the current level cannot stop the virus transmission cycle.

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