Realisation of e-gov't the main way to quicken processes/ Cyberspace development not possible with gov't management, private sector should be more active/ Today, everyone understands that society cannot be deprived of the Internet, cyberspace

The President described the realisation of e-government as the main way to shrink the government and quicken the processes, and said, "The realisation of e-government has increased from 20% to about 70% in the last eight years".

Tue 13 - July 2021 - 23:49

Speaking on Tuesday afternoon at the last meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace in the twelfth government, Dr Hassan Rouhani described the development and expansion of infrastructure and access to cyberspace in the past eight years significant and said, "Today more than one million people are doing business directly and indirectly in the cyberspace, and if we are aware of the importance of employment, we can see how important this number is".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that cyberspace, like any other achievement, has its own problems and harms, saying, "Some people thought we could escape the spread and generalisation of cyberspace, but fortunately today everyone understands that society cannot be deprived of this possibility".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Today, any person can request a ride from his home or workplace using high-speed Internet and send his child wherever he wants with high confidence and security, and using the Internet and existing applications, this car in can be tracked all the way. All these are made possible by the development of high-speed internet".

The President said that if cyberspace had not spread in the country as it does today, the closure of schools and universities during the pandemic would have created a great problem for education in the country, saying, "The spread of high-speed Internet in all parts of the country helped create educational justice, and today students in the most remote villages of the country have the opportunity to benefit from the training of the best teachers".

At the same time, the President added, "Despite the great achievements we have achieved in the field of cyberspace, there is still a lot of work to be done. If we open the way for the private sector, the speed of progress in various fields such as software, applications, social networks and messengers will grow more and more".

Dr Rouhani also said, "The development of cyberspace is not possible with the management of the government, and the private sector should be more active in this regard".

Pointing out that until a few years ago, there was an unrivalled foreign messenger in the country, the President said, "Today, our country's engineers have made great work in the field of creating useful platforms, social networks, messengers and applications".

Dr Rouhani mentioned creating transparency and the real and practical fight against corruption as another important function of cyberspace and said, "Today, different systems and networks make information related to different areas available to the public, which limits corruption and makes it harder".

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