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President at the inauguration ceremony of the national projects of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development:

Employment, housing two key things for life/ In 12th Gov’t, good efforts made for housing/ Restoration of old neighbourhoods, urban regeneration emphasised by this gov’t

Referring to the opening of 51,230 housing units in different parts of the country in the 80th week of the inauguration of national projects, the President said, "Employment and housing are two very important things for life and I am very happy that in the twelfth government great efforts have been made in the field housing”.

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Mon 12 - July 2021 - 12:38

Speaking on Monday in the 80th move of ‘Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production’ campaign and the inauguration ceremony of housing construction projects of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed, "The government has a very heavy responsibility for providing housing for the people, especially the younger ones”.

Dr Rouhani stated, "At the beginning of this government's term, we were faced with the commitment of the previous government in the field of 2 million and 200 thousand houses in the form of Mehr Housing  Scheme, about one third of which was completed by the previous government with shortcomings in the service sector, and the work in this field was placed on the shoulders of this government, which was a very difficult task, but with the efforts made by Mr Eslami, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, and the completion of residential units is almost completed”.

The President said that one of the emphases of the 11th and 12th governments was the restoration of the old neighbourhoods and urban regeneration and added, "In this regard, a lot of work has been done and 375,232 housing units have been restored in old neighbourhoods”.

The President described design and attention to architecture as the first step in the construction of residential units in new towns and cities and said, "Iran is a creative nation in terms of architecture and unique historical monuments”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The government should provide suitable land in a suitable place and at a reasonable price to the people and builders and prevent the destruction of agricultural lands, gardens, pastures and jungles, so location and architecture are two important principles for housing construction”.

The president added, "Financially, banks should provide the necessary loans, and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development should try to provide housing units to the youth and the people at a reasonable price".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Residential units should be built by the people, and the duty of the government is to help provide suitable land to the people with proper design and architecture, and with loans".

The President stated, "In the 11th and 12th governments, a lot of efforts have been made in the field of rural units. Also, important measures have been taken to strengthen and complete the units that were destroyed in events such as floods and earthquakes”.


news id: 122113

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