Tue Dec 7, 2021 18:07:53
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President at the session of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Assignment of special mission to 1st VP to solve the problem of power outages/ Natural phenomena, seasonal changes in causing electricity problems in the country should be managed, minimised

The 239th meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board was held on Tuesday with the president as the chairman. At the beginning of the meeting, after a report on the electricity supply situation and explaining the reasons for the blackouts, the solutions were examined.

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Tue 06 - July 2021 - 14:40

In this meeting, the President ordered that today, in a special meeting chaired by the First Vice President with various agencies taking part, the issue be reviewed and the executive instructions in various areas be determined and announced.

Referring to some unwanted and involuntary factors in creating electricity problems in the country, the President said, "Although some of the main factors in the country's electricity stress are due to seasonal changes and natural factors, but the effects of these phenomena should be managed and minimised and planned”.

Dr Rouhani added, "The Ministry of Energy, with the cooperation of all agencies, should take serious action to solve the problem of electricity supply as soon as possible”.

Emphasising the need to respond to public opinion, explain and enlighten the people, Dr Rouhani said, "Blackouts and power outages are temporary and have a history in the past and can be managed, but what can be more annoying than blackouts is a sudden and unplanned outage”.

The President added, "If the people receive the answer to their ambiguities with the detailed explanations of the officials, it will make the problem more bearable, and if the power outage does not happen suddenly and the necessary information is provided in advance, the damage and dissatisfaction will be less”.

The President instructed the Ministries of Jihad for Agriculture, Industry, Mines and Trade to take the necessary measures to support production and control prices by providing livestock inputs and facilitating the export of products.

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