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President at the session of Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Essential goods produced, imported as sufficient/ Essentials must be provided to people through solving supply and clearance problems

The 238th meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of the President, at the beginning of which a report was presented on the supply and acceleration of the clearance of basic goods from the country's customs.

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Sun 04 - July 2021 - 12:01

Emphasising the need to continue effective and immediate measures in the supply of basic goods, the President said, "During the height of the economic war, the government did not allow oppressive sanctions to prevent the supply of basic goods with its effective efforts, and therefore, despite all restrictions, basic and essential goods are produced and sufficiently supplied and imported”.

Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the duties of the Committee for Accelerating Clearance of Goods, saying, "Related agencies should exercise seriousness and speed to solve the problems of supply and clearance of basic goods to make effective decisions and actions and should not allow unimportant issues to cause slowness and inconsistency among agencies, so that the necessary goods can be quickly available to consumers and the public”.

Referring to the announcement of the policy package on how to fulfil foreign exchange obligations from the beginning of the year, the President said, "This package can be an appropriate response to the concerns of exporters and importers in order to expedite and facilitate the fulfilment of foreign exchange obligations”.

Dr Rouhani stated that the merchants and traders of the country, both in the conditions of economic war and in normal conditions, should not be involved in any administrative obstacles in the course of their economic activities, saying, "The government considers it its duty to provide incentives for the country's committed exporters and importers”.

Dr Rouhani stated that during the economic war and the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation, the United States made every effort to make the country face the problem of providing the required foreign currency, saying, "By supporting the exporters of non-oil products, who carried the burden of providing the currency needed by the country in these circumstances, the government has prevented the realisation of the enemy's goals”.

news id: 121998

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