Despite all restrictions, gov't to do its utmost to back COVID-19 victims

The 229th meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of the President, during which a report was presented on the measures taken regarding the necessary support and assistance in dealing with the economic consequences of COVID-19 in the year 1399.

Sun 30 - May 2021 - 14:32

With regard to the approval of the extension of facilities and support to enterprises and businesses, proposals to support businesses in the year 1400 in various areas were reviewed and decided upon.

Supports provided in three household sectors, including housing rental deposit facilities and corporate support, including the provision of low-rate loans, electricity and gas-related support, social security, municipal tolls, and unemployment insurance for unemployed workers due to COVID restrictions are among the most important issues discussed in the report.

In this regard, the President referred to the effects and heavy losses caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 during the fully-fledged economic war, and stressed, "Despite the financial situation and the foreign exchange revenues in the country, the government has done its best for supporting households and companies".

In this meeting, the coordination and cooperation of different agencies to provide the required foreign exchange and purchase and supply of basic goods were discussed, and according to the negotiations and measures taken to unfreeze foreign exchange reserves abroad on the optimal use of foreign exchange resources were taken to support the production and supply of basic goods.

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