Protecting people's lives, votes gov't most important duty/ Candidates should have observance of health protocols as one of their main campaign axes

The meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus was held on Wednesday afternoon with the President taking part.

Wed 26 - May 2021 - 18:23

In this meeting, the health and social-security committees and operational headquarters of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, as well as the information and advertising committee presented reports on the control of the disease in the country, implementation of health protocols, and monitoring and enforcement of restrictions in this regard.

Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised that the observance of health protocols in the elections should be such as to guarantee the health of the people and high participation in the elections, and said, "Protecting the lives and votes of the people in the elections is the most important duty of the government and we must work in such a way that people are assured of their health and lives and the protection of their votes".

Dr Rouhani stated that the government will do its utmost in this important issue, adding, "Monitoring the strict implementation of the announced protocols related to the elections is very important and can ensure people's health on election day".

Emphasising the importance of accurate information as well as providing the necessary training in this field to the people through the media and cyberspace, the President stated, "Using past experiences in the field of training in the accurate and complete implementation of health instructions, we must build special training programs and broadcast them in various media to ensure the accurate implementation of the protocols by the people and candidates during the campaign and election day".

Dr Rouhani also stated that the government is obliged to vaccinate at least 14 million people in the target group by the end of its term, reiterating the necessary measures taken by the Ministry of Health to import the required vaccine from abroad in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank.

The President also praised the efforts of all those involved in this field, referring to the progress made in the field of domestic vaccine production.

Stating that fortunately, with the observance of health protocols and the application of monitoring and all efforts made to combat coronavirus and curb the fourth wave, the country is in a stable condition in terms of disease and has passed the fourth peak, Dr Rouhani stressed, "Health guidelines are on the agenda".

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