In the elections, protecting people's lives the main task, maximum participation comes next/ COVID situation still fragile, observance of protocols, maintaining the new lifestyle necessary until the end of the year/ Congratulating Palestinians for their victory over Zionist Regime

The President said that in the heavy responsibility of holding the important elections of 1400, protecting the lives of the people is the main task and maximum participation is the second important responsibility, adding, "We must all observe guidelines in full, so that we can maintain public health and have maximum participation".

Sat 22 - May 2021 - 13:59

Speaking on Saturday in the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani pointed out that after the announcement of the qualifications of the candidates by the Guardian Council, the election campaign will begin, saying, "Based on the resolution of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, indoor elections are prohibited, and this year the campaigns should be held with minimum community".

Dr Rouhani emphasised more precise supervision over the implementation of health protocols and observance by the people during the elections, he said, "If the protocols are not followed well and we face a new peak, elections cannot be held with ensuring people's health".

Emphasising that everyone, from election candidates to campaign managers and other officials and individuals, should feel full responsibility for adhering to the protocols, the President said, "In today's meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology was also asked to provide more open atmosphere for candidates so that they can advertise more effectively through cyberspace".

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the increase in voting time and the number of ballot boxes as other decisions of today's meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and added, "An application called Polling Station Finder will be launched to make it easier for people to find ballot boxes".

The President expressed hope that in the next 30 days, the vaccination process will accelerate and expand and at least 14 million people will be vaccinated as the main target group, and specified, "So far, more than 5 million doses of vaccine have been distributed and 2.7 million people have been vaccinated, and this process will definitely accelerate in the coming months".

Referring to the fact that more than 15 months have passed since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus in our country, Dr Rouhani said, "The outbreak of coronavirus in Iran was accompanied by full-scale economic war and extensive sanctions, and this has doubled the difficulty and complexity of dealing with coronavirus".

"But the people of Iran, and especially the medical staff of the country, are the main heroes in the field of fighting COVID-19. Members of the cabinet these days did not spare even an hour in confronting coronavirus and did their best to reduce the suffering of the people and ensure their health," said the President.

Dr Rouhani said that we are gradually crossing the fourth peak of COVID in the country and today, with the efforts made, a small number of cities in the country are in red status, noting, "Unfortunately, when we cross the peak of each wave, compliance with health protocols reduces".

Dr Rouhani continued, "All responsible agencies should do their best and deal with violators of health guidelines decisively to prevent the occurrence of another peak and wave of coronavirus".

At the beginning of his speech today at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, the President congratulated the days of the victories of the Iranian nation and the liberation of Khorramshahr, the President referred to the victory of the Palestinian nation against the recent attacks of the Zionist Regime, saying, "We saw an unprecedented solidarity and unity of the Palestinians in the conflict with the Zionist Regime, according to which all Palestinians in different parts of the country, and even Palestinians displaced from their homeland, have shown unparalleled unity, and we congratulate all of them on this victory".

Dr Rouhani said, "Nations around the world also had extraordinary support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, but some Western countries, unfortunately, took wrong positions in response to this incident and even supported the usurping Zionist Regime".

"Islamic countries also took good positions, but there were some expectations of the Arab World, which were not realised, and some Arab countries remained silent until the last days of the crisis," said Rouhani.

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