This gov't has run the country in the most difficult conditions under Supreme Leader's leadership, people's resistance, patience/ Inaugurations Thursdays clearly showed that sanctions cannot hinder Iran's development

Referring to the inauguration of three national petrochemical projects in the provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr and the fulfilment of the promise to inaugurate 17 petrochemical projects within a year from the beginning of the year 1399, the president said, "This government managed the country despite the unprecedented economic war and the coronavirus pandemic under the leadership of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and the resistance, presence and patience of the people".

Thu 20 - May 2021 - 15:19


Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of national petrochemical projects in the 68th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "Inauguration Thursdays showed well that the Iranian nation is powerful and that sanctions cannot hinder them from Iran's development and progress".

Dr Rouhani said that it was hard for many to believe in opening 17 huge petrochemical projects in one year, but today this promise has been fulfilled, adding, "The fact that the government was able to make a real surge in production in the petrochemical industry in a golden year and today the petrochemical capacity has surged from 56 million tons to 100 million tons is very valuable".

The President called the annual investment of $3 billion in the petrochemical industry a sign of the efforts of the Ministry of Oil, the private sector and all engineers, workers and those involved in the sector.

Dr Rouhani expressed happiness that today there is a consensus in the country on the necessity and need for development and prosperity of production, saying, "Today, everyone has come to the conclusion that development and production is the principle and the main discourse in the country is growth and development".

Emphasising that the Iranian nation has been ahead of all politicians, parties and factions for the past 42 years, the President said, "The Iranian nation understand better even in discourse, how to interact with the world, as well as how to have relations with countries in the region and attract capital".

Dr Rouhani said, "Growth and development is not possible without attracting capital, knowledge-based economy and the will of the government and the pillars of the system for constructive interaction with the world, and all sectors must be together to put the country on the path of growth".

Pointing out that the Ministry of Oil has been one of the leaders in development in the country since the beginning of the 11th government, the President said, "Before the 11th government, we were importers in sectors such as petrol and diesel and today we are self-sufficient and exporters in these areas".

"If it were not for petrochemicals and steel, we would be in a lot of trouble in the economic war," added the President.

Dr Rouhani added, "The fact that Trump, Bolton and Pompeo failed and the world was astonished was because the Iranian people took the stage with all their might and resisted".

He also went on to say, "In the eight years of the 11th and 12th administrations, about $130 billion, or about 59 percent, has been added to the country's non-oil exports".

"It was because of the grand openings over the years and on Thursdays that the other sides came to Vienna today and accepted to lift all the main sanctions, including oil, petrochemical, shipping, insurance, central bank and banks, and in this regard, the main agreement has been reached and we are discussing some issues to reach a final agreement," continued the President.

Dr Rouhani said, "The government is seeking to defeat coronavirus and sanctions, and with the vaccines purchased and domestic products, we hope that at the end of the government there will be relative confidence in the matter of COVID, and by the end of the government we will also break the sanctions".

"This is a great honour for people's patience and whatever we have is because of the resistance of the Iranian nation and the guidance of the Supreme Leader," he said.


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