Guidelines for health guidelines during elections should be implemented seriously/ Ensuring public health in elections plays a key role in increasing public participation

The meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus was held in the presence of the President on Tuesday afternoon, in which the committees presented reports on the situation of the provinces with regards to infection and control of the fourth wave, as well as measures taken to curb the disease and monitoring the implementation of health protocols.

Tue 18 - May 2021 - 21:39

Speaking in this regard, Dr Hassan Rouhani instructed the operational headquarter and the Health and Information committees to implement the instructions accurately and to provide prompt, accurate and transparent information in this regard seriously and decisively.

Emphasising that ensuring people’s health will play an important role in increasing the participation in the elections, Dr Rouhani said, "People should be sure that their health is guaranteed in the various stages of the candidates' campaigns and elections".

“All our efforts should be to do everything related to the elections in such a way that protecting people’s lives and health is a top priority” he said.

Stating that any action that endangers people’s health in the elections should be avoided, the President advised all political groups and candidates to make the observance of health protocols a top priority in their campaigns.

Emphasising the need to comply with the law and instructions, Dr Rouhani added, "Observance of the law by candidates and all those who are concerned about it, can help people assess the accuracy of the candidates' words in loyalty to the law and how they are going to manage the country in the future".

Emphasising that people’s health is a completely non-political issue, Dr Rouhani called on all parties and candidates not to involve people’s health in political disputes and to allow the medical staff and health defenders to fulfil their main mission, which is to save lives.

Dr Rouhani reiterated his full support for the production of domestic vaccines and expressed hope that the process of breaking the chain of the disease and virus would be accelerated with the production of domestic vaccines.

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