Gov’t to work to keep both elections, voters healthy/ Success in curbing COVID-19’s 4th wave depends on preventing unnecessary travel during the coming holidays

The president stated, “The government will not allow the health of the elections and, at the same time, people’s high participation be harmed in the elections”.

Wed 12 - May 2021 - 22:45

The meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force against Coronavirus was held in the presence of the President on Wednesday afternoon.

The President also said, "Global experience in holding elections as well as domestic experiences in holding meetings in special conditions and formulating and implementing protocols related to this issue will be the biggest asset for ensuring the health of the people in the elections”.

Dr Hassan Rouhani also pointed out that the information about the travel ban during the Eid al-Fitr holidays has been done since last week and people have been informed.

He also said, “The success and accurate implementation of steps to control and curb the fourth wave requires the coordination of all organs to control travel during the upcoming holidays”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “According to the announcement of the new colour scheme, the protocols must be fully observed. Group one and two jobs can be active in the red and orange cities”.

The President continued, "The quarantine violators must be dealt with seriously so that people observe the quarantine time well".

Dr Rouhani also said, “All specialised committees should put their authority and decisive action on the agenda, and no negligence in this regard is acceptable”.

The President appreciated the actions and efforts of the medical staff as health advocates who work at the forefront of combating the disease and ensuring the health of the society, saying, "All people appreciate the efforts and self-sacrifice of the medical staff".

The President emphasised on the implementation of vaccination based on the priorities of the national document and once again obliged the Ministry of Health to provide accurate and transparent information about vaccination and to deal with violators in this regard with determination and seriousness.

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