Continuation of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan has no purpose other than putting the Afghan gov't in a position of weakness/ Condolences to Afghan gov't, people, families of those killed in the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan

Expressing his condolences to the government and people of Afghanistan on the recent terrorist attacks in the country, especially the killing of innocent schoolgirls in western Kabul, the President said, "Continuation of attacks by terrorist groups against defenceless people and Afghan security forces has no goal other than putting the government in a position of weakness in the peace negotiations".

Wed 12 - May 2021 - 19:37

Speaking in a telephone conversation with the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday afternoon, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed that Iran considers security in Afghanistan as its own security, emphasising that supporting the peace process based on the wish of the people and government of Afghanistan has a top priority in the Islamic Republic of Iran's policy and said, "We are ready to help establish peace and security in the country".

Dr Rouhani said, "In its policies towards the Taliban, the United States is seeking to solve its own problems and does not pay attention to the concerns of the government and people of Afghanistan".

Pointing out that the United Nations' more active role in the peace process in Afghanistan can prevent the implementation of unilateral policies of the major powers and their imposition on the government and people of Afghanistan and the countries of the region, the President said,  "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for for any cooperation and assistance in reaching a regional consensus under the UN initiatives".

Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to develop and deepen relations between Iran and Afghanistan as two neighbouring countries and Muslims, and the institutionalisation of a comprehensive document of cooperation between the two countries to create dynamism in relations and cooperation.

The President also congratulated the government and people of Afghanistan on Eid al-Fitr.

In this telephone conversation, the President of Afghanistan thanked the government and people of Iran for expressing sympathy with the people of Afghanistan and condemning this horrific terrorist incident, saying, "This was an evil act committed by terrorist groups that left more than 85 martyrs and 200 wounded".

President Ashraf Ghani described Iran as a friend and neighbour of Afghanistan that has always been alongside the government and people of the country in all conditions to establish peace and security, and stressed the development of brotherly relations between the two countries.

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