Formation of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus one of the first necessary measures in managing the pandemic/ US obstruction the reason for delay in delivery of COVAX vaccine to Iran

The President described the establishment of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus as one of the first necessary and effective measures in managing the process of combating the pandemic in the country and said, "Following the instructions created peace of mind in the society".

Sat 08 - May 2021 - 23:50

Speaking on Saturday in a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and a number of managers of companies active in the field of COVID vaccine production, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "The self-sacrifice of medical staff and health defenders in countering coronavirus and ensuring people's health is a valuable step".

The president added, "The outbreak of coronavirus has affected all countries around the world, even countries with complex and advanced health structures".

The President stated, "As a country to which all the gates were closed due to the sanctions, Iran was able to manage the disease with the efforts of its children in the fields of medical staff, researchers and health and medical researchers".

The President noted, "The enemy imposed extensive sanctions against the country with the aim of causing Iran to suffer from famine and chaos, but with the efforts of the country's officials and despite the high prices that occurred and put pressure on the people, we did not allow famine to happen in the country".

"All countries, including the World Health Organisation itself, were sceptical that public vaccination should begin with vaccines that had not completed their full testing period," the president said.

"Finally, we decided to receive the COVAX vaccine, which was eventually under the auspices of the World Health Organisation, and we were one of the first countries to apply for the vaccine, but American obstruction delayed our turn to get the vaccine," he added.

Dr Rouhani went on to point out the decision-making process for making vaccines in the country, saying, "The decision to make vaccines inside the country was very sensitive and important because there was a lot of espionage even against the vaccines we imported from abroad".

The President said, "The National Vaccination Document, which was prepared at the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, is also very important and efficient, and the decision on this document was one of the moments when a decisive decision had to be made on a sensitive issue at an important point".

Dr Rouhani added: "We very much hope that by June, vaccines purchased from COVAX and other countries will enter the country".

"The domestic vaccines will also be available. According to reports, the Co-Pasteur vaccine will be available in late May, and the Barakat vaccine will be available in June," he continued.

The President continued his speech by thanking the efforts of the medical staff, especially the Minister of Health, and said, "The Minister of Health has shown that not only does he spare no help and action to control the disease, but he has shown a tremendous responsibility".

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