Despite downward trend in 4th peak, full observance of guidelines still necessary/ Extension of restrictions imposed in orange, red cities

The meeting of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus was held on Thursday with the President taking part. In this meeting, the heads of the health, social-security, education and advertising committees, as well as the operational headquarters, reported on the disease in different cities.

Thu 06 - May 2021 - 19:40

According to the report provided by the Health Committee on the disease situation in different parts of the country and the new color of cities, fortunately, by observing the protocols and carrying out monitoring measures and restrictions, we have passed the peak of the disease and in many cities the disease is declining. Has found. Of course, in some cities we still see an increase in the incidence of the disease and the upward course of the disease.

Expressing satisfaction with the decline of the disease in many cities around the country due to the observance of guidelines, the President stressed that as in the past, full and accurate observance of health protocols is the first principle in combating and controlling the disease.

Referring to the need to design a special and efficient programme for different guilds in order to fully and accurately comply with the implementation of protocols by business owners and intensify regulatory measures in government offices, Dr Rouhani stressed the need to deal decisively and seriously with violators.

Getting past the fourth peak and even being vaccinated cannot guarantee that we will not have further peaks, he said, adding, "The decline in observing the guidelines after each peak show that people have not adopted a COVID lifestyle, so lifestyle change and its adaptation to COVID should be one of our main priorities".

He President also instructed the Ministry of Health to facilitated the import of vaccines by the private sector by observing the necessary specialised points.

Referring to last year's successful experience in holding the entrance exam at the appointed time with full observance of the protocols, the President said, "Like last year, we can increase the monitoring and observance of health guidelines to make sure students' health is guaranteed".

Dr Rouhani emphasised the strict implementation of the resolutions of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus regarding border control and taking the necessary measures to prevent the entry of the Indian COVID into the country.

The President said that the previous stages of the disease were mainly due to non-compliance with the protocols, and said, "If the protocols are followed accurately and completely, and God willing, the vaccination process accelerates, the most serious causes of the disease can be easily dealt with".


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