Justice a key goal of the holy system of the Islamic Republic/ Ghadr Nights a good opportunity to move on the path of salvation

The 59th session of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination was held on Monday afternoon, chaired by the President and attended by the heads of the legislature, the judiciary and other members of the council.

Mon 03 - May 2021 - 23:34

In today's meeting, issues related to the capital market situation and ways to improve it were discussed. According to the emphasis of the heads of branches on providing solutions and adopting the necessary policies to solve problems in the capital market and its prosperity and development, the proposals of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance prepared through the Exchange and Securities Organisation and the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board were reviewed and approved.

The financial strengthening of the Capital Market Stabilization Fund to support micro-capital and the prosperity of the capital market and the lifting of the ban on granting banking facilities for the purchase of shares by investment companies and brokerages were among the proposals approved by the Supreme Coordination Council to strengthen and improve the capital market. Economic.

Strengthening the presence of banks in the stock market with the aim of supporting micro-investors was another proposal that was considered in this meeting and the proposal to compensate the losses of buyers of investment units offered by the government was reviewed and approved.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President emphasised the importance of the Ghadr Nights and the opportunity to enjoy the spiritual blessings of these nights to move on the path of salvation.

Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the night of the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS), and said, "We should all try to walk in the true path of truth as followers and lovers of that great Imam".

Dr Rouhani called Imam Ali (AS) a martyr in the path of justice and added, "Justice is one of the most important goals of the holy system of the Islamic Republic and all efforts and planning should be followed to achieve this great and important ideal".

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