Attention to education one of gov’t main priorities/ Educating, guiding human beings not comparable with anything else/ Emphasis on improving, upgrading methods of education

The President mentioned paying attention to education as one of the main priorities of the government and said, "This government has seriously pursued increasing the education budget and paying special attention to solving the problems of teachers and improving the livelihood of this influential group in the culture of the society”.

Sat 01 - May 2021 - 21:59

Speaking on Saturday on the eve of Teacher's Day in a meeting with teachers, Dr Hassan Rouhani commemorated great teachers such as Martyr Motahari, Martyr Rajaei and Martyr Bahonar, and said, “These great teachers had a great impact, not only with their words but also with their morals and behaviour”

Praising the great personality of Martyr Motahari and commemorating Teacher's Week, the President said, “Martyr Motahari was one of the most valuable personalities of our society”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised the importance of choosing the right method for teaching and said, "It is important to teach in a way that students grasp with all their hearts so that they do not forget it over time".

The President further emphasised the importance of preschool and elementary school and said, "Undoubtedly, the primary and preschool education is very important in the educational levels, and during the last 8 years, valuable measures have been taken in these educational levels”.

Dr Rouhani said, "Our dear teachers started classes through cyberspace a few days after the outbreak of coronavirus, and this is very It is valuable and admirable”.

Referring to the education of students through the National SHAD Network, the President noted, "Without a doubt, if we could not educate students in some way during the pandemic, time gaps could be problematic, but the education process did not stop even for a day”.

“In the 11th government, we increased bandwidth up to 30 times, and in the meantime, we must do something to minimise the harms of cyberspace,” he said.

The President emphasised the reform and improvement of education methods and said, "The future world is the world of artificial intelligence, robots and cyberspace, and we must train students for it”.

Dr Rouhani added, "In the field of education, it is necessary to constantly emphasise only a few basic points so that those points are not forgotten for the rest of their lives".

The President continued by describing the Persian language the result of synergy of all Iranian ethnic groups and referring to the importance of the role of national and official language in creating national culture, emphasising the need for teachers to pay special attention to the official language.

Dr Rouhani also emphasised the need for greater effectiveness of the education system, saying, "Attention to the two areas of education and training along with normal education has always been emphasised by this government".

The President called the effort of skills training and technical and vocational training to improve the labour force and the economy of the country an inevitable necessity and said, “Skills and training should be the most necessary and important direction of education”.

The president added, "It is better for students to learn a foreign language to an acceptable level during their 12 years of study".

Dr Rouhani went on to point out that the government has allocated $1.5 billion to purchase the COVID-19 vaccine.


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