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Dr Rouhani in a meeting with a group of workers:

Workers the backbone of society who have always stood by the system, country/ Job security workers' main concern, which is threatened by sanctions, COVID / What guarantees workers' job security is economic prosperity

The President called workers as the backbone of the society who have always stood by the system and the country and have been present in all stages of the defending the Revolution and the system, saying, "The government has not -and will not- spare any effort to reduce the problems of this dear group in the country".

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Wed 28 - April 2021 - 22:25

Speaking on Wednesday evening in meeting with a group of workers approaching International Workers' Day, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the problems of the country's workers' community and said, "Unfortunately, today job security and livelihood of this hard-working class is threatened by the oppressive, inhumane sanctions of the United States, as well as the spread of the coronavirus pandemic".

Dr Rouhani stated that in the enemy's three-year economic war against the Iranian nation, the workers were the front-line soldiers, adding, "In the past year, the government attempted to help production continue, and the workers exercised self-sacrifice to defeat the enemy in their goal of shutting down factories and the production cycle in the country".

Referring to the consequences of the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, including Iran, on businesses and employment of workers, the President said, "Unfortunately, the spread of this pandemic has had adverse effects on employment of workers and various guilds and occupations, but the government is making every effort to reduce the burden of these problems as much as possible by providing loans and support packages".

Emphasising that what guarantees the job security of workers is to create economic prosperity, the President said, "The best way to help improve the situation of workers is to help improve the country's economy".

Dr Rouhani said that the government has taken many measures to provide employment and reduce the unemployment rate in the country and has created an average of 700,000 jobs a year during the 4 years before the economic war.

"We are doing our best to prevent unemployment, in addition to creating sustainable employment, because we believe that losing a job will pave the way for some kind of social harm," he said.

The President described workers as the most important producers of national wealth in the country and added, "Social justice will be achieved when the producers of wealth receive their real wage and the government, despite all the financial difficulties caused by sanctions and coronavirus and lack of effective financial resources, has made every effort to support workers by raising wages".

Referring to the importance of the role of labour unions, Dr Rouhani said, "The importance of regulating the relationship between workers and employers requires that labour and employers' organisations be given the opportunity to study, prioritise the problems of the respective class and provide good executive proposals".

The President called the demands of the working community right and stressed, "These demands must be taken seriously and it is the duty of the government and all relevant bodies to respond to all the concerns and expectations of the workers".

In the end, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The realisation of the slogan of the year and increasing production depends on the cooperation of the triangle of the private sector, government and parliament, and we hope that workers' problems will not be lost in the election campaigns and political payoffs".

news id: 121013

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