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Dr Rouhani in a meeting with a group of political activists:

Nuclear deal a very important multilateral one in the world/ We are negotiating more powerfully in Vienna today than before, which means that the US' maximum pressure has completely failed/ If the Americans act with honesty, we will achieve results in a short time

President described the nation's resistance against the enemy's economic war as one of the unique scenes in the history of the country and said, "The highest honour that was achieved in the 12th Government was that we could withstand the maximum international pressure in the past three and a half years with people's resistance and Supreme Leader's guidance".

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Tue 20 - April 2021 - 19:49

Speaking in a meeting with political activists on Tuesday afternoon, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed that with the resistance of the nation, today the enemy's economic war and maximum pressure has failed and the Americans and the whole world admit this defeat, adding, "Today, we are negotiating stronger than in the past in the Vienna talks".

Stating that Iran's strong presence in the Vienna talks today is equivalent to the definite defeat of the maximum pressure of the enemies, and said, "The talks have progressed about 60, 70 percent and if the Americans act within the framework of honesty, we will achieve results in a short time".

Emphasising that we are not in a hurry in the negotiations, but we will make the most of the opportunity, the President said, "We have fully maintained the framework set by the Supreme Leader for the negotiations and we are moving within the same framework".

Emphasising that we have overcome the peak of problems with the resistance of the nation today, Dr Rouhani said, "Any false words and actions that are said to disappoint and make people unhappy is a great betrayal".

Referring to the importance of the 1400 presidential election, the President said, "We will try not to let coronavirus prevent people's participation in the election, and all necessary precautions will be taken in this regard".

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that all parties and groups should be able to participate in the elections and see a variety of tastes among the candidates, adding, "The government will not give up any effort to hold a great election with maximum turnout, in which case the election will cause the system to become further strengthened and our role in the region will be strengthened".

Referring to the elections in the Constitution, the President said, "The Constitution must be interpreted as to what people are voting for, an individual, a party or a programme".

 He also went on to state that the main pillar of resolving issues in the country is moderation, saying, "We need to see if our country's problems in the inside and outside can be resolved through moderation or extremism".

"Based on the same premise, the 11th and 12th Government's acted on resolving the issues through moderation and constructive interaction with the world," he said.

President Rouhani also said, "The Government of Prudence and Hope relied on the path of great achievements in different economic, defence, political and international fields, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) being one of the greatest one, and today, after all that has happened around it, it is still the best framework for resolving issues in the international arena".

Referring to the issues caused by the sanctions in fighting the outbreak of coronavirus, he said, "Today, the one who used to claim that they can bring Iran to its knees is admitting their failure in these efforts".

news id: 120833

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