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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Those who test positive, don't quarantine themselves to be punished/ Closer control of airports, borders by the Red Crescent, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development essential to prevent violations of health protocols

The President described non-observance of health protocols as the most important reason for the increase in the cases and hospitalisation of COVID-19 patients in the country and facing a new wave of the disease in many provinces and cities and said, "The best and most effective way to deal with this pandemic is to avoid unnecessary gatherings and traffic, and all people should observe these things completely and carefully".

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Thu 08 - April 2021 - 19:21

The meeting of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus was held on Thursday evening with the President taking part.

Emphasising that the implementation of the Operational Headquarters' is a must, the President said, "Undoubtedly, the main way out of this situation is to follow all health protocols, as proved by past experiences".

Dr Rouhani stated that coordination and coherence is necessary for the decisions and actions taken for the management of coronavirus, and added, "Non-compliance with the instructions and decisions adopted by the National Task Force Against Coronavirus is the most important reason for the current situation".

According to the resolution of the meeting, restrictions will be applied for a period of 10 days in all cities that are in red status.

At this meeting, it was also decided that the Health Committee cooperate with the provincial headquarters and medical schools to equip and prepare more hospitals, hospital beds and medical centres to provide services to COVID-19 patients.

Emphasising the government's full spiritual and material support for the medical staff over the past year and during the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, the President stated, "During the entire period of fighting the virus, we did not let the material and spiritual support for health and medical personnel, who are bravely and selflessly fighting coronavirus, to be stopped".

Dr Rouhani referred to the importance of informing the public about the need to avoid underestimating the danger and, at the same time, avoiding unnecessary and unrealistic concerns, saying, "Based on the decision of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, the process of providing information and managing the public opinions in fighting coronavirus should be focused, organised, regular and transparent".

news id: 120570

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