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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology:

E-gov't one of gov't most important steps for transparency, removal of production barriers/ All gov't efforts to bring e-gov't to an acceptable point by mid-June

The twentieth session of the Executive Council of Information Technology was held on Tuesday on the third day of the year 1400, chaired by the President.

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Tue 23 - March 2021 - 15:13

In today's meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology, the single windows of granting licenses for the two ministries of Agriculture Jihad and Culture and Islamic Guidance, as well as the creation of a single window for business services in two polit provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr were launched.

In this meeting, the President emphasised accelerating the process of completing and finalising e-government, creating transparency and public access to information as one of the ways to support businesses and also remove barriers to production and said, "With e-government, we can ​​achieved this goal very fast, and today, with the measures taken by the Government of Prudence and Hope, we see that a large part of the services are provided electronically to the people".

In the twentieth session of the Executive Council of Information Technology, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed facilitating the business environment and speeding up the issuance of licenses as among the practical axes of removing the obstacles to production.

Dr Rouhani further mentioned the Healthcare Reform Plan as one of the important and valuable measures of the 11th government in the field of comprehensive health services for individuals and added, "The result of this great work was seen in the past year in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the country".

The President called "e-health" the second step of the healthcare reform plan and said, "With the completion of the e-health system, the first phase of which was electronic prescriptions, people will be able to receive their health services with only one national ID".

Stating that corruption is one of the major obstacles to production, Dr Rouhani said, "The way to fight corruption is the development of e-government and transparency".

The President thanked the people involved in the implementation of the technological projects that were inaugurated today, and said, "Real support and effective removal of the obstacles on the path of production can be done through the expansion of e-government, and we have made every effort to complete the government before the end of the government's term".

Saying that today was a very good day because of the inauguration of several technology projects, the President said, "People's lives should be founded on the new global conditions".

Pointing out that many services are received through information technology today, Dr Rouhani added, "Life in the new world is becoming smarter and smartening is becoming more widespread every day".

"Cyberspace makes life easier, speeds up activities and eliminates a lot of corruption," the president said.

The President stated, "We are transitioning from the traditional and old period to the period of using new technologies, and of course there are resistances in this direction, but the use of new technologies helps to make things much better and more accurate".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The use of new technologies and the creation of electronic health records for individuals will make it possible to monitor the work of doctors more closely and organise prescriptions".

Dr Rouhani added, "The development of e-government eliminates the corruption that may occur in face-to-face visits and creates transparency".

news id: 120289

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