Dr Rouhani felicitates heads of Nowruz zone states

In separate messages, the President congratulated the leaders of the countries of the Nowruz civilization (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Iraq) on the arrival of Nowruz and the beginning of the year 1400.

Sun 21 - March 2021 - 01:23

In this message, Dr Hassan Rouhani has referred to the coronavirus pandemic and its numerous economic and social challenges in the world, expressing hope that "in the new year, with more interaction and cooperation between our countries and with control of coronavirus, Nowruz will become a new day for our people and happiness, blessings, health and peace will return to all countries around the world".

Dr Rouhani's congratulatory message also reads, "Like a brilliant painter, spring breathes the spirit of life and freshness into the heart and soul of the earth and spreads a role of freshness and prosperity across the globe by painting on the canvas of nature. It inspires hope, joy and relief from sorrow, it is an excuse to become new, to look new and to live again".

The President has added in this message, "I hope that we humans, like nature, can create a new spring in our hearts and souls with the new season, and by removing the dust of lethargy and laziness, provide vitality of life, thoughts and health of the body".


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