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Dr Rouhani at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Central Bank:

Management in war conditions different from normal conditions / Country managed well in the conditions of sanctions, economic war / No one has the right to ignore or distort the facts of the country's history/ We must let central bank to interact with the world

The President said that the management of the country in the difficult conditions of the war is different from the normal conditions, adding, no one has the right to ignore or distort the facts of the country's history”.

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Tue 16 - March 2021 - 15:10

Speaking on Tuesday at the 60th session of the Annual General Assembly of the Central Bank, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “From 2015 to 2017 with the measures taken by this government and lifting of the sanctions, the country's statistics on economic growth, inflation and employment are excellent”.

The President emphasised, "In this period over 700,000 net jobs were created in the country in each season, we reduced inflation to single digits and in 2016, Iran's economic growth was the highest economic growth in the world, which is a great honour”.

The President said, "We faced a full-blown economic war and the economic experts predicted that due to unprecedented pressures and inclusive sanctions, inflation in the country would reach triple digits before 2018”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that if we did not take action to manage this situation, we would have witnessed triple-digit inflation, adding, “During 2019, the inflation rate was declining. Unfortunately, at the end of this year, we faced a new crisis called the Coronavirus epidemic”.

The President stated, "Those who designed the unprecedented sanctions and full-scale economic war against Iran, aimed at the collapse of the Iranian economy. Although pressure was imposed on the people, today, three years after the start of the economic war, the country's economy is still standing strong, and the development and infrastructure projects that are inaugurated every Thursday, which is a banner announcing the failure of the enemy's efforts”.

The President said, "Management in war situations is very complex and difficult, and I have a history of management during the Imposed War and in this economic war I was designated the commander of the economic war by the Supreme Leader. I would like to sincerely thank all the front line commanders who are the economic officials of the country”.

The President added, "Of course, this does not mean that our actions were not flawed and wrong, but we should be fair in judging the the great work that has been done".

The President added, "In this government, we have taken very valuable measures even in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, but unfortunately we have not been able to succeed in informing about them, which is unfortunate".

Dr Rouhani continued, "The government submitted 4 bills to the parliament to fight money laundering and financing of terrorism, which were approved by the parliament and the objections of the Guardian Council were resolved, but unfortunately they are stuck elsewhere and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is at the forefront of the real fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in the region, has failed to inform the public opinions well”.

Dr Rouhani stated, "The Central Bank and our other banks must interact with the world with an open hand, and if consider cooperation with friendly countries important, we must make sure that the central banks and other banks in these countries can do so without any worries”..

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