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In the meeting of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Instruction on coordination of management and responsibility of Nowruz trips in COVID times reviewed/ Prohibition of traffic and trips to cities with red and orange status during Nowruz

The instructions for coordinating the management and responsibility of Nowruz trips in COVID times were reviewed on Thursday in the meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, chaired by President Dr Hassan Rouhani.

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Thu 04 - March 2021 - 23:39

Referring to the experiences gained during the last year, the President said, "Using these experiences, as well as strict and serious observance of protocols and living a life compatible with coronavirus, Nowruz-related holidays can be held by implementing protocols".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "Although the serious advice of experts and health officials of the country is not to travel unnecessarily, especially for people at risk, and there are many concerns about the spread of the disease due to Nowruz trips, it would be possible to travel to cities with blue and yellow status during Nowruz".

 The President instructed the Advertising Committee to cooperate with the headquarters and the Health Committee, to inform and educate all the details of the instructions related to the Nowruz days.

Referring to the studies conducted on various situations in the society, the President stated, "The resistance, patience and endurance of the people in the past year against the severe economic pressure during the sanctions period and the spread of coronavirus is commendable and we should be grateful to such people".

Dr Rouhani said, "The amount of pressure on the people is understandable by the authorities and the government, and the whole effort of the government is to maintain health while controlling the social and economic consequences of the coronavirus during the imposed economic war".

The President added, "All agencies in the government and other branches should coordinate and take coherent measures to reduce unrelated pressures on the people".

The President stressed the need to carefully monitor the new status of the coronavirus and take appropriate action.

news id: 120009

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