IAEA not a political venue/ The 3 European countries must allow IAEA to continue its technical work/ Iran's nuclear activities as 100% peaceful as always/ If monitoring away from what the agency expected, US is to blame/ If the new US administration wants to make up for the mistakes of the previous one, the path is clear/ JCPOA won't change/ The new US administration should not waste time; Wasting time will not benefit anyone

The President stressed that the International Atomic Energy Agency is not a political venue and that the three European countries should understand that the IAEA is a technical body and must allow it to continue its technical work so that the recent good agreement between Iran and the IAEA can continue.

Thu 04 - March 2021 - 15:20

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of the national plans of the Ministry of Interior, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We were interested in cooperating with the Agency and we had a very good cooperation during this period, which is emphasised in the reports of the Agency, but I advise some who do not think in the right way, which are unfortunately European countries, not to do so and not to allow the very good and friendly relations between Iran and the IAEA to be undermined".

Dr Rouhani said, "Our nuclear activities, as always, are 100% peaceful and the IAEA conducts its own monitoring, and of course, if this monitoring is far from what the IAEA expected, it is the United States' fault and its sanctions against Iran. If these sanctions are lifted, relations with the Agency will become warmer and its inspectors will be able to carry out their intended inspections within the framework of the law".

The President continued by stating that we have resisted and waited for 3 years against the violations and terrorist acts of the previous US administration, adding, "The Iranian nation resisted against the illegal actions and oppressive sanctions of the previous US administration and you did not fulfil your humanitarian duties even during the outbreak of coronavirus, and the previous US administration should be ashamed of this behaviour in the history of the Iranian nation".

Dr Rouhani said that if the new US administration wants to make up for the mistakes of the previous administration, we have left the path clear for them, adding, "Some friends said that the US should first compensate the damages it has done to the Iranian nation -which is of course more than $200 billion-, but we have said that we will leave the claim for damages to the next stage for now, but first, they have to show their good will by lifting the sanctions and fulfilling their obligations".

"Some think they can add something to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the new circumstances, but they should know that nothing will be added or removed from the JCPOA; it is a fixed text and we will not have a new negotiation within the framework of the JCPOA," he said.

Dr Rouhani clarified, "Those who want to solve issues through diplomacy should know that the way is to lift sanctions. What hinders diplomacy is your sanctions. Do not waste time. Wasting time will not benefit anyone. If time is wasted and opportunity is missed, the United States will be directly responsible".

The President stated, "Iran has stated that if the sanctions are lifted, we will fulfil our obligations immediately".

At the beginning of his speech at the inauguration ceremony of national urban management projects throughout the country, Dr Rouhani described the inauguration of more than 10 trillion tomans of projects in the field of urban management as very valuable and said, "Large cities with high population density need a lot of work to be done. Smooth transportation, a healthy environment and good urban services can be a good move and step for the welfare of the people".


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