Coronavirus statistics in Iran always accurate, timely/ Tireless, round-the-clock efforts of health defenders praiseworthy

The President described the establishment of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and its resolutions a valuable experience for the country and stressed that the statistics of coronavirus in Iran have always been informed very accurate and timely to the people, adding, "The decision to establish the National Task Force Against Coronavirus in the Supreme National Security Council and the approval and announcement of its resolution by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution was a great job".

Sat 20 - February 2021 - 17:59

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the tireless, round-the-clock and dedicated efforts of health defenders, and said, "The IRIB, Armed Forces, regulatory bodies and production sector did a great job this year alongside the people, the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, and health defenders".

Regarding the developments of the past year since the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran, Dr Rouhani stated, "During one year, we came to the conclusion that the lifestyle should be changed to fight the disease because we can no longer go shopping and travel like before".

"From the first day we noticed the virus entering the country, the cabinet decided to announce it to the people immediately," continued Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani stated that Iran was one of the countries that informed the people about COVID-19 in a timely and very accurate manner in the past year, adding, "The suspicions created by the anti-revolutionaries outside the country, which was that the government has not told people the truth and presented unrealistic statistics in this regard, is completely false and pure slander".

The President further described the structural measures taken to combat coronavirus in the country as very valuable and said, "Immediately after the entry of coronavirus in the country, we came to the conclusion in the meeting of the Supreme National Security Council that a task force called the National Task Force Against Coronavirus should be established".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "The formation of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus originated from the experience of the Holy Defence era when the High Council for War Logistics and the Central Headquarters for War Logistics, which I headed at that time, was very effective and useful".

Dr Rouhani said that in the current state, no one knows when coronavirus will be gone and humanity will get rid of it, adding, "Today, we have all realised that this virus is very dangerous and cannot be easily eradicated, so we must prepare ourselves for next year".

Appreciating the tireless, round-the-clock and selfless efforts of health defenders, the President said, "The work done by health defenders in Iran is admirable and the fact that they are considered as martyrs is a very valuable step to appreciate the sacrifices of these loved ones".

Dr Rouhani mentioned the cooperation and coordination of all agencies in fighting coronavirus and said, "During this period, all agencies, including the IRIB, the Armed Forces, including Basij, IRGC, the Army and law enforcement and supervisory agencies took valuable actions".

The President stressed the need to change the lifestyle to overcome coronavirus and said, "People must know this well that today's situation is not normal".

Pointing out that e-government and digital economy have become more appreciated during the outbreak of coronavirus in our country, the President said, "The measures taken in the field of e-government and digital economy in the past year may be comparable to 10 years".

The President added, "Today, health needs and medical equipment are produced in the country and we are witnessing a great transformation in knowledge-based companies, in a way that the number of these companies, which was about 55 at the beginning of the 11th government, has increased to 5,700 companies today".

Dr Rouhani stated, "After the outbreak of coronavirus, some were trying to sow discord between religion and science, but with the wisdom of scholars, authorities and the Supreme Leader, these people did not find an opportunity to do so".

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