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President in a phone call with the President of the European Council:

JCPOA a key achievement for multilateral diplomacy/ EU foreign policy chief, as JCPOA coordinator, should play better role in planning steps/ Iran ready to cooperate with EU in counterterrorism, regional cooperation/ Resolving COVID-19 pandemic requires global effort, cooperation of all countries

Pointing to the importance of the role of the European Council in determining the overall political orientation and outlining the priorities of the European Union, the President said, "The European Union, as an important player in the world arena, must play an appropriate role in countering US unilateralism."

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Thu 18 - February 2021 - 21:26

In a telephone conversation with President of the European Council Charles Michel on Thursday evening, Dr Hassan Rouhani called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) an important achievement for multilateral diplomacy and stressed that we should not allow this great achievement to be easily destroyed, saying, "The EU foreign policy chief, as coordinator of the JCPOA, should play a better role in planning the steps".

Dr Rouhani stressed the need to combat terrorism and extremism as two important problems in the region and the world, noting, "We are ready to work with the European Union to combat terrorism and extremism, and we welcome regional interaction and cooperation in this regard".

Expressing concern over the resurgence of ISIL in the region after the martyrdom of General Soleimani, the President said that the presence of foreign forces in the region has increased tensions and stressed the need to ensure security, peace and stability in the region.

Dr Rouhani continued the telephone conversation by emphasising the need to develop relations with the European Union, especially in the fields of trade and economy, adding, "With regard to the recent international developments and the new conditions for development of relations between countries, we should attempt to return the level of relations between Iran and the European Union to its original state".

The President also referred to the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic for countries in the world and expressed hope that the problem would be resolved in the near future, emphasising, "Resolving this problem requires a comprehensive and global effort, and countries can share their successful experiences in fighting coronavirus to help solve this global problem".

Dr Rouhani concluded by referring to the high-level talks between Iran and the European Union in various fields, including the fight against drug trafficking, environment, health, tourism and transportation, and welcomed the continuation of talks with the European Commission for developing cooperation.

In this telephone call, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, referred to Europe's position in support of the JCPOA after the US unilateral withdrawal, and stressed the need to maintain the JCPOA as an international agreement and its full implementation by all parties.

Charles Michel added, "Given the new conditions in the international arena and the change of government in the United States, we must seize the opportunity to maintain and fully implement the JCPOA by all parties, and the European Union will play its role in this regard".

Referring to the problems created for Iran due to US economic sanctions, the President of the European Council stressed, "It is natural that Iran should enjoy the economic benefits of the JCPOA".


news id: 119718

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