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President at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace:

Cyberspace should be further strengthened to take opportunities as much as possible/ Thanking responsible agencies, esp. Ministry of Education for implementing online education system

Emphasising the government's commitment to developing communication infrastructure to provide more services to the people, the President said, "Today, with the outbreak of coronavirus, many governmental and non-governmental services in the country in various fields, including education are being delivered through cyberspace with the development of new communication technologies and cyberspace infrastructure".

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Tue 16 - February 2021 - 21:05

Speaking on Tuesday in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, Dr Hassan Rouhani stressed the important role of cyberspace in education, especially in the days of coronavirus outbreak and proper government investment in this field, saying, "If no effective action had been taken in the development of cyberspace infrastructure, we would be facing a huge gap in providing services the people today".

The president went on to point out the need to strengthen cyberspace as much as possible and provide an opportunity for tapping it, referring to forecasts of the continuation of COVID-19 next year even considering the implementation of the vaccination scheme.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Considering the government's commitment to educational justice, SHAD Network has been able to provide justice with the help of measures taken in recent years regarding the development of communication infrastructure and by using local messaging apps using domestic knowledge and ability".

The President praised the responsible agencies, especially the Ministry of Education in creating a special virtual education network, and said, "Although there may still be problems in some parts of the country in terms of communication coverage and the provision of communication tools, we hope that this issue will be resolved soon, considering the programs that the responsible agencies are working on".

news id: 119681

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