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President in the ceremony of honouring servants of the Holy Quran:

Quran's translation should be fluent, up-to-date, regularly updated/ A fluent interpretation of Quran can better attract younger generation/ Cyberspace a unique opportunity; we must make the most of its opportunities to teach Quran, religious and divine rules

The President stated that understanding, interpreting and expressing the Quran will guide the young generation, adding that a fluent interpretation of the Quran can better attract and encourage the younger generation to it.

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Sat 13 - February 2021 - 21:16

Speaking on Saturday in a ceremony honouring the servants of the Holy Quran, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Not taking full advantage of the boundless sea of ​​the Quran is an injustice to ourselves and the Quran. Undoubtedly, reciting the Quran with a good voice is a good use of language, and at the same time the translation of the Quran should be fluent and regularly updated".

The President stated that in the field of reciting and memorising the Quran, Iranians are following in the footsteps of the world's readers, which is an honour, adding, "Cyberspace can be both a problem and a unique opportunity, and it should be one of its opportunities and we must make the most of it to teach the Quran and the religious and divine rules".

Saying that the Quran is like an infinite sea, the President added, "Using this sea does not mean just looking and we must see how deep it can be used because the Quran has a beautiful appearance and a very deep inside".

Dr Rouhani described the efforts of the servants of the Holy Quran in society as sacred, heavy and valuable, and pointed out the existence of various translations in the country, noting, "Apart from translation, there is a need for interpretation as well".

The president said, "The Quran must be constantly updated in terms of translation, and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is obliged to encourage the best translation in the country".

At the end of the ceremony, the President presented a plaque of appreciation to the top figures of the 24th and 25th round of the servants of the Holy Quran.


news id: 119634

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