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President at the inauguration of nationwide projects of the Ministry of Health:

We haven't yet seen goodwill from new US administration; words have changed but nothing has changed in practice/ If new US gov't is truthful in its slogans, it should immediately start a new path, make up for the issues/ In this gov't a great revolution has taken place in health/ Islamic Iran today has become an exporter of medicine, health equipment

Emphasising that a great revolution has brought about by the government in the field of health, the President said, "Today, Islamic Iran has become an exporter of medicine and health equipment, and the government is alongside the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to advance health plans".

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Thu 11 - February 2021 - 14:34

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of national health projects of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education across the country, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the devotion of the country's health and treatment staff in the fight against coronavirus and said, "People appreciate the efforts and the self-sacrifice of the medical and health personnel of the country, and the vaccination of the medical staff started on Tuesday, and we hope that those who are at the most risk will receive this vaccine by the end of the year".

The president said that the government was trying to make people pay less for treatment, and today the cost of hospital beds and hospitalisations has dropped from 37% to 10% in cities and 6% in rural areas, which is a great help to the people.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the Trump administration's obstructions in the way of even the health and treatment of the Iranian people, and said, "We have not yet seen goodwill from the new US administration; words have changed but in practice nothing has changed".

The President said that if the new US administration is truthful in its slogans, it should immediately start a new path and compensate for the problems, adding, "The new US administration should revert the path of that great terrorist who has become disgraceful in his country and the world".

"The new US administration should know that no one in the world doubts that the economic war and the policy of putting pressure on the Iranian people have failed," said Rouhani.

Stating that today, 42 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we have health care at the level of developed countries, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, the people of our country do not need to go abroad for treatment, but the contrary, many Iranians living abroad and the people of the region for travel to Iran for treatment".

The President noted, "During this period, about 2,500 ICU beds have been added to the country's hospitals, and in terms of oxygen supply, we have increased from 20,000 to more than 60,000 people, and all this indicates the occurrence of a great transformation in the health sector".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani stated that several sectors are influential in the field of health and treatment, and said, "Sports, environment, agriculture and energy sectors, if placed next to health and treatment, can be effective and useful in the health of the society".

The President emphasised the government's work in e-health and said, "In this government, a lot of development has been done in the field of e-health and the formation of health records for the people, and soon the e-health plan will be finalised, which will make people more comfortable".


news id: 119604

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