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At President’s order;

COVID-19 vaccination begins across the country / Health Minister’s son the 1st recipient of the vaccine

Vaccination of coronavirus began on Tuesday on the 10th day of the 10-day Fajr celebration at Imam Khomeini Hospital and 635 COVID-19 patients’ referral hospitals across the country with the order of President Hassan Rouhani.

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Tue 09 - February 2021 - 12:37

The son of Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr Namaki, a graduate student at Sharif University of Technology, was the first person to receive the vaccine based on Dr Namaki’s promise to use the vaccine on his own family to build trust in people.

The vaccination plan is to start with the injection of vaccine to ICU personnel involved in the management of COVID-19 patients, including medical staff and services, and in the next stage and until mid-February, nationwide vaccination for people over 65 years with underlying diseases and up to coverage of 70% of target groups will continue.

Addressing the Minister of Health and Medical Education at the inauguration ceremony of the country against coronavirus, the President said, "The fact that your son is the first person to receive the vaccine in Iran is a clear message to all the people in the country that all officials trust the vaccine they bring into the country, and it is us who start using it”.

Dr Rouhani said that he personally announced his readiness to receive the vaccine last night, adding, "All people should know that we trust and believe in what we do".

The President added, "Undoubtedly, one’s child is the dearest thing in one’s life and you showed by this choice that people should not hesitate to use this vaccine”.

“I congratulate you for this empathy, solidarity and readiness for self-sacrifice in all fields. I thank all the efforts and actions of the Ministry of Health and the medical and nursing staff of the country in the fight against Coronavirus,” said Rouhani.

The President expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the country's medical staff over the past year to fight coronavirus, as well as those involved in providing the country with the COVID-19 vaccine, especially the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank.

news id: 119530

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