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President at the inauguration ceremony of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad projects:

Farmers ensure country’s self-sufficiency, independence, people’s food security with their 24/7 work, efforts/ Doing great work in various agricultural fields a honour for gov’t/ Thanking all farmers, especially top farmers

The President thanked all the farmers of the country, especially the top farmers, and emphasised that the farmers ensure self-sufficiency, independence and food security of the country and the people with their work and efforts around the clock, and we all appreciate their efforts.

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Sun 07 - February 2021 - 15:11

Speaking on Sunday at the inauguration ceremony of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad projects and praising top farmers, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "One of the honours of this government is doing great work in various aspects of the field of agriculture".

The President praised the inauguration of 954 hectares of greenhouses in one day, which is equivalent to one-eighth of the country's total greenhouses from the beginning until now, and appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad of the current government for its efforts on ensuring food security.

Dr Rouhani stated that if we were in need of food and agricultural materials and products from abroad, fundamental problems would arise in the current sensitive situation of the country, referring to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world.

He emphasised, “It never occurred to anyone that one day, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, all the borders of the countries would be closed for 2 months, and if we needed to go abroad to supply wheat and food, the situation in the country would be unfavourable”.

Referring to the importance of water and food together for people’s health, the President continued, "With the economic war and the pressure of sanctions, the importance of food security becomes more apparent".

Dr Rouhani described the supply of quality seeds to farmers in the government as a great honour for the country and continued, "Today, 2 to 10 tonnes of crop is harvested from one hectare of land, and if agricultural equipment was not provided to farmers, harvesting in such a short time and with this amount would not be possible”.

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the opening of 42 virtual training channels for farmers and stated, “The opening of these training channels and answering farmers' questions is very important”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Due to the limited water and soil resources in the country, we should try to harvest more from the limited water and soil and keep in mind that land expansion and water supply are not easily possible".

The President called self-sufficiency in the field of wheat one of the important achievements of the Government of Prudence and Hope in the field of agriculture and said, "We stood on our own two feet to provide the wheat and bread needed by the people and today the products of farmers and other Iranian producers are on the table".

Dr Rouhani also said, "The opening of 78,000 hectares of drainage in one day was a unique honour in the history of the country and we saw the benefits of these drainages in the Golestan flood”.

The President stressed that 4,300,000 people are working in the agricultural sector today, saying, "We are confident that we can continue this path of self-sufficiency, independence and food security of the people until the end of the government’s term of office.".

At the beginning of his speech, the President commemorated the February 7, 1979 and the joining of the Armed Forces, especially the Air Force, to the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation, and appreciated the bravery of the Air Force in 8 years of Holy Defence and all historical areas of the country.

He said, "All Air Force personnel, pilots and especially martyrs Babaei and Sattari played a very important role in the Holy Defence”.

news id: 119506

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